External Competition

The last two rounds of the SCPF Digital Image League 2 held on 3rd March 2021

Last night, the last two rounds of the SCPF Division  2 PDI league were held simultaneously.

We came first at Horndean and first equal (but second on countback – all the way to 9’s) at Highcliffe and Infinity. As a result, we won the league by the very large margin of 17 points. As before, it was overall consistency of higher scores that won the day but this time the Gannets received 10’s at both competitions and Graham Codd’s Black and Gold also received a 10. The judge’s comment on the latter was remarkable – he started off with “Ten – some images are just excellent…”.

A notable comment from the other competition was that perhaps Jan Walters “Y” image “should have been the other way up” – somehow “Lambda” would not have seemed so apposite to me!

Hopefully we can hold our own next year in Division 1. It will be interesting to see how our images (including the set that have been in the division 2 league) do in the SCPF championships in two week’s time

Attached are the final complete list of the scores of our images and the overall club rankings as well as the score distributions from the last two events.

Thanks and credit go to all the people who worked on the selection committee for this year – Well Done!

The full results and all our images can be viewed here on this News Post.

Paul Hendley
External Competitions Secretary