Our Committee

This is the Club’s Committee for the 2023-2024 season.

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" class="broken_link">President

Jeff Lawrence LRPS CPAGB

" class="broken_link">Co-Chair

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Gladys Perrier LRPS

" class="broken_link">Co-Chair

" class="broken_link">

Stephanie Paterson

Committee member

Pippa McHale

" class="broken_link">Treasurer

Chris Williams

" class="broken_link">Club Secretary

Graham Codd

Volunteers and Teams

" class="broken_link">Judge Liaison

Roxanne Bennett

" class="broken_link">Internal Competition Team

Peter Terry

Richard Reynolds

" class="broken_link">External Competition Team


" class="broken_link">Membership Team

Lynda Morten

Wendy Lamb

Norbert Galea

Michal Szymaniec






" class="broken_link">Programme Team

Gareth Fish

Graham Codd

Richard Bullock

Lucy Rakauskas