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Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB

Paul Hendley Ph.D. LRPS CPAGB

Gladys Perrier LRPS

Please contact them via the PAGB Handbook or the SCPF online Handbook (if you have access).

Or, please send an email to all our judges detailing your request.

Here are our judge’s biographies:

Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGBMy interest in photography started when I was handed an old SLR camera during a physics lesson at school! I achieved my ARPS in Contemporary Photography in 2011 and I enjoy all genres of photography. My own personal choice of subject matter is anything to which I have a strong emotional attachment or one that has an enduring expressive quality.

I was elected President of Bracknell Camera Club in 2008, a post I held until June 2019.I was also their Programme Secretary for seventeen years.

I am passionate about the quality of images and play an active role in coaching people to achieve both RPS and PAGB distinctions. In 2002 I became a judge for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) and in 2017 I was accepted onto the PAGB list.I am currently a member of the SCPF Judging Sub Committee and am involved with the vetting and assessing of applications from potential new judges.

Caroline can be contacted via the usual channels for booking judges or via the group email for judges above.


Paul Hendley Ph.D. LRPS CPAGB I am a retired scientist who spent 60+ years believing I did not have an artistic bone in my body. Having seriously adopted photography at retirement, I have found it allows people like me to create something they (and others) can feel is beautiful. This has been eye-opening and very satisfying and, coming from a science background, it has been illuminating to start to learn the extent to which photographs can play directly on the emotions irrespective of their technical characteristics. An OU course helped me grasp the technical basics and I read extensively and attended many workshops etc. to extend my skills and knowledge culminating in my successful LRPS panel and CPAGB assessments. I am actively trying to expand my photography across genres but my comfort zone still lies in macro work.

I am thoroughly familiar with Lightroom and Photoshop but have a lot more to learn to reach the standard I feel I need to achieve to make the best of my image concepts.

In my younger years, I enjoyed being a US soccer referee for 10 or 12 years and so I am comfortable with making judgements that are not necessarily popular with all! My company was very strong on performance appraisals and so I am practiced with the principles and practice of constructive feedback.

Having received the excellent training from SCPF, I hope I will develop to be a successful club judge despite having seen how difficult the task can be – both in terms of differentiating between great images and being positive about less wonderful ones!

Paul can be contacted via his Club email or through the usual channels for booking judges.

Gladys Perrier LRPS  When I was 7 years old my Dad gave me his box brownie and that whetted my appetite for photography.  For Art ‘O’ Level I borrowed a school camera to create a project about ‘water in monochrome’ and learnt darkroom skills.  I wanted to do so much more but I had to hand the camera back and it was not until I left home and had my first job, that I was able to afford to buy a camera of my own.  On receipt of my first pay packet I purchased an Olympus 10.  I found the camera a perfect companion with which to pursue my other love – nature and wildlife.

I had been brought up in rural Ireland in those days when children were able to run wild and free, in the open countryside, chasing each other through meadows, over streams and copses unafraid of anything. The days when banks were covered in carpets of primroses and marshes filled with a pink haze of ragged robin. Where willow warblers and corncrakes could be heard at dusk on a summers evening.  Therefore my choice of photographic subject was obvious.

In the late 1980s I was presented with my first autofocus camera – a Canon EOS10.  Having built up a kit bag with Canon lenses I have remained loyal.  My focus of interest beyond the lens has varied over the years on account of circumstances.  Wildlife photography is not viable when you have children in tow so instead I focused the camera on them and found a love for candid portraiture.  Over the years I have taken photographs for the prospectus for a number of schools and photographed school productions, sports days and outward bound expeditions dabbling in AV for a while.

With my children grown up I have been able to return to my love of nature and landscape but my skills were all self taught from camera to digital darkroom.  I was feeling that my skills had plateaued and I wanted to find a way to make my images really stand out.  In 2018 I came across the Bracknell Camera Club exhibition and I recognised the club would give me what I was looking for without the expense of photography courses or tours.

I listened well to the judges and responded to constructive criticism.  I immersed myself in the camera club community, taking every advantage of time to talk with members and learn from their experience and in no time worked my way up the leagues.  I joined the special interest groups in the club which enabled me to expand my portfolio to include street photography, night photography and studio portraiture, With fabulous mentoring within the club I was able to submit a panel to the RPS and was awarded my first distinction.

I was aware that there is a lack of female judges in the SCPF and had it in the back of my mind that perhaps I might go down that route sometime in the future, however, the opportunity presented itself much sooner than I had planned and so I jumped at the chance and qualified as a Level 1 Judge in June 2022.

Training as a judge has taught me to not just to look at the technical aspects of a photograph but look for that sense of visual awareness and expressiveness that makes a photograph really special regardless of the genre.

Gladys can be contacted via the usual channels for booking judges or via the group email for judges above.

Updated 8th July 2022