The Club has several Special Interest Groups which cater for a variety of specialist interests and are run outside normal club meetings.

BCC Extra
This group caters for new and recent members who want to meet like-minded members and build friendships within the club.

DarKnights SIG
This group specialises in night photography.

Nature SIG
This group is for those interested in nature photography.

Monoists SIG
This group is for those with a special interest in black and white or monochrome photography, in print or digital form.

Scapers SIG
For landscape photographers who want to walk together and perhaps share a convivial lunch at a nearby pub

Critique SIG
The goal of this SIG is to provide opportunities for club members to share images on which they really want input or even a critique

Smartphone SIG
This group explores the capabilities, and limitations, of smartphone cameras

Portrait SIG
The Portrait Group is for members who want to explore their interest in portraiture of all sorts.


This SIG is to for members who want to photograph dogs, cats, horses and any other pets.