Bracknell Camera Club Programme 2023/24

All meetings will start at 8pm. Members and guests are encouraged to come earlier at around 7.30pm to socialise with other members and to help set the hall up for the evening.

All meetings are in the OLC except evenings marked “ZOOM – NOT at the OLC” – We will not be using the OLC for these evenings

Note Some evenings are marked “Speaker/Judge  ZOOM into OLC only” – these ZOOM sessions will only be available to attendees at the OLC.


1. There are now Zoom Only meetings not on a Monday evening, the original sessions have been replaced as Member’s Evenings

2. The last meeting of the season is the AGM and Margaret Woods Competition

3. The agendas for  the Member’s Evenings/Members Creative Corners are added throughout the season


Date  Lecture  Speaker/Judge 


4  Members Evening 

SGM for the voting of a co-chair option

Introduction from Chairman 

Presentation of Awards 

SIG presentations

11  Lockdown Wiltshire Wildlife 

 In this talk I capture the wide and fascinating variety of wildlife around our historic mill home in Quemerford and the adjoining River Marden during the months of lockdown.


Eddy Lane 


18  Making an Audio-Visual 

 A concise guide to creating AVs in a variety of styles. A tutorial but also showing many entertaining sequences.
Demonstrating PTE AV Studio (PicturesToEXE). Includes image choice, storytelling, audio-editing, music licencing and documentary tips. 



Steve Kirkby


PDI round 1 

 All categories 



Chris Dixon 


2  May the forts be with you and UK’s Abandoned Buildings :  The Maunsell Sea Forts

These incredible structures were built under the instruction of engineer, Guy Maunsell at the request of Winston Churchill in 1941. They were constructed on land and towed out to sea where they were sunk onto sandbanks to protect the city of London from attacks by enemy aircraft during WW2.

They were decommissioned by the Ministry of Defence in the 1950’s and lay abandoned until they became the home of Pirate Radio stations some years later. Following the close down of the illegal broadcasters by the British Government in August 1967 the forts have stood silent in the Estuary ever since, exposed to the elements and beautiful in decay.

Join Flo for a potted history of the forts and see some of the incredible images she has taken on her many visits. 

 Plus showcasing some of the interesting places that photographers can easily  access around the UK 



Margaret (Flo)McEwan 

9  Cowboys of the West   

 Images of cowboys on ranches in Colorado and Wyoming and the fast action rodeos

Michael Huggan 



16  Print round 1 

 All categories 



Caroline Colegate 


23  Members Evening 


30  Tools Not Rules 

 The objective of the talk is to introduce to people a different way of thinking about photography and composition.  

The first part of the talk covers photography as a visual language and communicating your personal take on the world through your images. 

In the second part I aim to provide photographers with an understanding of the psychology behind how people interpret the visual elements within an image; and the impact of their compositional choices on the end image and how the viewer experiences it. This will help them communicate more effectively through their images; ensure their photos say what they want them to say and feel like they want them to feel; and enable them to create images with impact. 

The talk is based on psychology and is about empowering people to make informed decisions as opposed to worrying about rules and whether to break them. 


ZOOM – NOT at the OLC 



Caroline Preece 

6  The Autumn Digital Image Competition – images taken with your Smartphone

Please make sure that your meta data confirms this… 

 Certificates will be awarded for 1st place (Gold), 2nd place (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze), two Highly Commended and two Commended


Jason Hyde 


13  Underwater Photography 1 – from swimming pools to sharks 

 This talk covers my underwater photography, from working with models in the swimming pool to photographing the magnificent creatures that swim in the oceans around our world.   

Examples of my work can be found here – 

A short video showing examples of the content can be seen here –

ZOOM – NOT at the OLC 



David Keep 


20  Clive Harrison Trophy 

 This is an annual competition for a thematic panel of between three and eight prints. The images should all share a common theme, tell a story or complement each other in some way when viewed together.

Entrants are encouraged to provide a written statement to explain the purpose of the panel or what the images are about.


Jim Pascoe 


22  SCPF PDI League 

 Bracknell is in Division 1 of the SCPF PDI League and will compete against seven other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell).

ZOOM – NOT at the OLC 



Trevor Prince


An Introduction to Sport Photography 

 The talk is about how to get started in this field of photography and provides examples of what works and what doesn’t.  Michael’s aim is to enthuse listeners to want to have a go themselves, and for them to feel that they have sufficient knowledge to capture some really good images. 

Michael provides the metadata for each of the images shown, drawing attention to points of interest – for example, in this slide from the presentation, he shows the different effects that can be achieved from fast and slow shutter speeds during a speedway race. 


Michael Berkeley  


4  Members Evening   


11  PDI round 2 

 All categories 

 ZOOM – NOT at the OLC 



Tony Baverstock 


18  Members Evening

“Films, Food and Fun”





25  No Meeting – Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All! 



1  No Meeting – New Year’s Day! 

 Happy New Year to All! 

8  SCPF Print League Competition 

 Bracknell is in Division 3 and will compete against seven other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell). 



Glyn Paton 


15  Table-top and product photography 

 Plus live demo 



Brian Worley 


22  The Winter Digital Image Competition images with a theme of “Still Life”
 Certificates will be awarded for 1st place (Gold), 2nd place (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze), two Highly Commended and two Commended.
 ZOOM – NOT at the OLC

Amanda Miller  


29  Taken as red 

 I have been taking infrared photographs for a number of years and enjoy the surreal effects which can be achieved, some examples of which can be viewed in the Infrared gallery on this website.  The talk consists of two sections, with the first being an overview of infrared photography, the equipment which is required and post capture processing.  The second part of the talk is a live demonstration using Lightroom and Photoshop CC to show the processing of infrared images.  This covers a number of mono conversion techniques and a method of achieving a false colour effect using the Channel Mixer. 

 The talk is illustrated with a variety of images to show the possibilities offered by infrared and there are some examples of scenes taken with both infrared and conventional cameras. 


Mike Farley 



5  Print round 2 

 All categories 


Peter Markwick 


Members Evening



My journey and how I take my night-time images. You don’t need a telescope, it helps, but many of the images can be taken with a long focal length lens (200-300mm) whilst wide-angle nightscapes can add drama to a landscape. Follow me through the rabbit hole and learn how to use a tracking mount, find the most commonly photographed galaxies and nebula, process images with scientific rigour, and still end up with images to be proud of. 


Jason Hyde  


21  Bracknell Nines Competition 

 The annual hosting of this prestigious competition which Bracknell has run for many years. This is your chance to see the very best images from Bracknell and eight other local clubs. 

 ZOOM – NOT at the OLC 



Paul Thackeray 


26  The Greatest Showman 

Lisa is a self taught Creative photographer & former professional Choreographer & Breakdance Champion  specializing in ICM , Multiple exposure & Abstract . 

Since her first talk to the club in February 2022 Lisa has presented to camera clubs all over the UK and the world. 

This is Lisa’s latest talk about her invite to document in a different light The Greatest Showman.

These are images of showmen in modern times 

 ZOOM – NOT at the OLC 



Lisa Rendall 

(The Rebel) 


4  PDI Round 3 

 All categories 


Peter Markwick


11  A Picture of India 

From 2018-2020, Peter was posted to Delhi with his work and took the
opportunity to explore India, visiting over 40 different towns and cities
with the aim of creating a photobook which explored the culture and
traditions of the country. The book has been produced and in this talk,
Peter will present a selection of the images, explaining the stories they
portray and how they were taken.  



Peter Walmsley LRPS CPAGB EFIAP 

18  Working on a theme 

I have always enjoyed working on a theme, some of these themes have been central to my work for more than 20 years. In this lecture we discover the joy of viewing photographs in groups of 3, 5 or more rather than as individuals.    

ZOOM – NOT at the OLC 



John Tilsley  



25  Print Round 3 

All categories 


Mike Taylor 

1  No Meeting

Easter Monday



8  Members evening

The Chris Bradley Cup – when members contribute humorous images that are then marked and given new titles by other members. 

Followed by presentations from members. 


15  From Camera Club and Beyond

A journey through Southampton and New Forest CC and what to do with all those Club images in International Salons 



Sue Sibley 

ARPS, EFIAP/silver, DPAGB and BPE4*  



22  Members Evening
Creating Panels
– we will be looking at a number of different ways to present a panel of images using a variety of software. Members are welcome to bring along a memory stick with a group of images and if time permits we will help you put these into a panel



29  Members participation evening – a portrait workshop 

 Victoria will lead club members in a portrait workshop in which they may be models and in which they will be taking pictures.

Bring a camera’ 



Victoria Baptiste 


6  No Meeting

Early May Bank Holiday 

13  Members Evening  



Street Photography: How to feel the fear, do it anyway and get great images 

 People have often said to me that they really like my street photography, but then the next words which follow are something along the lines of I am not brave enough to do it myself. What they don’t realise is that I am not brave and I still get butterflies…..and this is normal.  

 Many top street photographers still have nerves. In this talk I hope to take you on a journey which will look at what street photography is; what makes a great street image; some simple technical stuff on how to capture and produce your street images; and some thoughts on style.  

 I will also talk about confidence and share techniques and tools which will help you manage your nerves and enable you to go out and get great street images. 



Caroline Preece 






27  No Meeting

Spring Bank Holiday 



3  Exhibition Evening 


10  AGM + Margaret Woods Trophy 

 and the presentation of the season’s trophies 

 A chance for members to attend and hear the reports from committee members on how the club has been run during the season and what can be expected from the season ahead. 

 Then vote for your favourite nature image in the Margaret Woods Trophy.