Bracknell Camera Club Programme 2021-2022

 The Club’s Meetings at the OLC will open at 7.30 PM and will start promptly at 8 PM.

The Club’s  Zoom Sessions will open at 7.30 PM and will start promptly at 8 PM.

Non-members are invited to attend our Zoom talks, when allowed by speakers, for a fee of £4 plus handling fees. Please look for this banner in the programme entry.

Key: ZOOM indicates the meeting is  available using ZOOM; OLC indicates that Members can attend the hall subject to the then available public health guidelines and the Club’s COVID Guidelines.

Last update on 17th May 2022

There maybe more changes/updates that  reflect changes of health guidelines and updates to the Programme, please do check each evening’s details


April 2022 to the end of the season

All meetings will be held in the OLC subject to public health guidelines and availability of speakers and judges


18 Easter Monday – no meeting  




25 Clive Harrison Trophy

This season the Trophy is a competition for a thematic panel of PDI images.

The images should all share a common theme, tell a story or complement each other in some way when viewed together.

Entrants are encouraged to provide a written statement to explain the purpose of the panel or what the images are about.

Please refer to the latest Parish Notes for details on how to enter.

Peter Orr ARPS

Bank Holiday – no meeting



Landscape: From Idea to Postproduction

‘ Case studies of a selection of images, representing different subject matter, and different challenges. An in-depth look at the whole process, from initial concept and creative choices, through equipment and camera settings, to software parameters.’



Slawek Staszczuk


16 Member’s evening

* Introduction – Jeff
*The Chris Bradley Cup – when members contribute humourous images that are then marked and given new titles by other members – Graham Peacock
*Anne Eckersley presentation of awards
*Paul Barker presenting his LRPS panel
*Steve Buesden presenting his ARPS panel
*Outro – Jeff


23 Best of the Best

Our judge will select the best of all the winning images in the PDI  competitions.

Awarding 1-2-3 and commendations.


Paul Mitchell FRPS


No Meeting


6 AGM + Margaret Woods Trophy

A chance for members to attend and hear the reports from committee members on how the club has been run during the season and what can be expected from the season ahead.

AGM Agenda in Member’s Area Here

Then vote for their favourite nature image in the Margaret Woods Trophy.

13 Results of the Exhibition judging

and the presentation of the season’s trophies


Ken Scott ARPS

5 Next season starts


September to December

Date Lecture Speaker/Judge
6 *Members Evening*

Kick-off our season

Held at the OLC, available on ZOOM to Members not wishing to attend

COVID Guidelines for attendees at the OLC

This was a test event for the Club to use ZOOM into and out of the OLC

13 “Lightroom Live!”

“This is a club night with a difference! The Club sends Joe two folders of images.

One has members unprocessed RAW files, the other their processed images. Joe edits the RAW files using Lightroom, Photoshop & Nik Silver Efex, and shows his own approach to editing the file to club standard, then we compare Joe’s edit with the member’s edit and discuss the differences.

This session never fails to entertain, inform and delight, and is the newest addition to Joe’s popular set of club talks.




Joe Houghton



20 ‘A journey around Spitzbergen’

“John visited Svalbard in 2008, doing a circumnavigation of the main island, Spitzbergen. There is a lot of wildlife, from seabirds, arctic foxes and reindeer, up to walrus and polar bears.

He was on the first ship to do a circumnavigation in 2008 and went right up to the pack ice.

John will also show his ARPS panel made up of prints from this visit.”

COVID Guidelines for attendees at the OLC

PDI and Print

OLC and available on ZOOM


John Nathan ARPS


27 PDI round 1

All categories


Gordon Roots ARPS
4 ‘How to capture M O R E with your camera’

This talk will explore the technique of image stitching, the range of possibilities that image stitching opens up, how to do it yourself, and shows the current state-of-the-art in cameras which feature automatic stitching.



David Hogg



Shared Evening with Rhondda Camera Club

Overview – Jeff Lawrence

Clive Harrison competition panels – Introduced by Jeff Lawrence and then members will describe their individual panels


Evolution of an Image – Ian Hardacre

Critique SIG – Gladys Perrier

Treasure Hunt – Gladys Perrier

Monoists SIG – Alistair Balharrie

W&CCC competition for non-advanced photographers – David Pottinger

SCPF League competition – Paul Hendley

Wrap Up – Jeff Lawrence


Presentations to Rhondda Camera Club
11 PDI Round 2

All categories



David Smith LRPS


‘Urbanite having fun with his camera’

Tony will talk us through some of his favourite street photography images (in his opinion this is perhaps a dying art)

Note: some of the images could be viewed as contentious especially in a world of political correctness.


Tony Moussalli


25 The Autumn Digital Image Competition – images with a theme of ‘Curves’ ;

Certificates will be awarded for 1st place (Gold), 2nd place (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze), two Highly Commended and two Commended.

OLC and available on ZOOM


Paul Graber ARPS

(Congratulations Paul!)

1 Where I photograph wildlife in the UK’

Highlighting some of Malcolm’s favourite locations to photograph wildlife in the UK.



Malcolm Hupman

8 PDI Round 3

All categories



Steve Lawrensen ARPS

10 Shared Evening with Rhondda Camera Club


Presentations to Bracknell Camera Club
15 ‘Ultimate iPhone Photography’

Adrian has been capturing images on an iPhone since 2012, within two years he was taking more shots on his iPhone than his Canon DSLR, to the point where today, the iPhone is his preferred camera device.

Within this presentation, he will demonstrate the potential to capture and edit photos that take mobile photography from ordinary to extraordinary both onscreen and in print.

Adrian uses his images as a visual narrative, covers the technical and conceptual aspects of his work, sharing the inspirations and influences that shape his photography.

NOTE: this talk is also appropriate for members with Android smartphones”




Adrian McGarry ARPS





22 SCPF PDI League

Bracknell is in Division 1 of the SCPF PDI League and will compete against seven other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell).


Andrew Mills ARPS
29 ‘Just Mono’

On Flickr

(When you watch this talk you will be in for a feast of mono images, tips on how they were created and all accompanied by Gareth’s unique talk.

Highly recommended for everyone not just Monoists!

Programme Secretary)





Gareth Martin AWPF CPAGB

30 Extra guest speaker courtesy of the Club’s DarKnights SIG

‘Photography on the Darkside’

Peter is a keen urban nightscape photographer and workshop leader. When allowable he can be found walking along the banks of the Thames in London with his camera and tripod either with clients or just out for his own enjoyment.

During this talk Peter takes us back into the history of Night Photography running alongside his family history in Photography and then on a tour around some of his favourite places for night photography in the UK. He also shows some of the places he has been to further afield in cities like Dresden , Seville and New York.

During this journey he’ll be giving some hints and tips along the way sprinkled with a bit of history about some of the places , so there is something for everyone.






6th Re-scheduled from October 18th

‘The Three coasts’

A talk focusing on Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex’s individual coasts. Exploring Long Exposure and the magic of water.




Harry Wheeler-Brand



13 ‘From Paintbrush to Pixels’

Janey’s creative pathway was from her roots as an equine portrait artist through to a successful fine art photographer.

Initially her photography was to fuel the need for good clear reference images for working at her easel. This dynamic began to change as clients requested photographic prints as often as paintings, so accordingly, her respect for the camera grew.

She joined a Camera Club and her journey took her through LRPS, CPAGB, LMPA, AFIAP, EFIAP, DPAGB, AMPA and is now resting just above a BPE4*.”

Her artwork is now more digital based and hangs in galleries across the UK and Europe, join her on this insightful journey from paintbrush to pixel.”




Janey Lazenby BA(hons) Fine Art, QTFE(2), ASEA, LRPS, CPAGB, BPE3, EFIAP, LMPA




20 ‘Feel the land – photography and emotion’

Photography and emotion go hand in hand, it is no different from any other art form. So how do we go about capturing or evoking an emotion in our photographs?

And how do we know whether we have succeeded?

Astrid will take us on a light-hearted journey through her creative process. Starting with a short introduction about herself and how she got into photography, she will then explain how she tries to capture the emotions of a moment in her photographs and will show a selection of her images to illustrate some techniques that she has found appealing.

The presentation should appeal to all levels of photographers, irrespective of their preference of subject matter.


Astrid McGechan




No Meeting

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!




 Welcome to 2022!

Meetings will be held in the OLC subject to public health guidelines and availability of speakers and judges.

Plus subject to speaker and judges’ agreement meetings will also be broadcast on Zoom for members not yet able to attend the OLC



No Meeting

A Happy New Year to All!

The planned Member’s Evening has been moved to 31st January 2022



‘Composition in the Landscape’

“Alan is a passionate landscape photographer of some 25 years’ experience and he has been fortunate to have travelled to many of the iconic photographic locations around the world

… and to many more that are less well known. “

PDI & Print Stands


Alan Barrett




No Meeting

A Happy New Year to All!



10 ‘Composition in the Landscape’

“Alan is a passionate landscape photographer of some 25 years’ experience and he has been fortunate to have travelled to many of the iconic photographic locations around the world

… and to many more that are less well known. “

ZOOM only – note 8 PM start



Alan Barrett

17 Spring PDI League Competition – Round 1


ZOOM only – note 8 PM start


Leo Rich ARPS
24 ‘One Hundred Steps to Excellence’

‘The Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) awards distinctions primarily is based on success in international photographic exhibitions.

Robert will demonstrate how to gain FIAP distinctions using 100 of his images that were accepted internationally, including a selection of those with which he achieved an Excellence FIAP award.’

ZOOM only – note 8 PM start








‘Creating impact and mood’

‘This talk focuses on how to create an image that really has the ‘wow’ factor. An image with impact and mood.

Steve will show a series of before-and-after pictures with the after picture being a big improvement over the before picture. He finds this really emphasises the importance of thinking about what you want to achieve before you hit the shutter release.

Steve will then move on to talk about the thought process behind creating a great picture and the various techniques to help achieve that aim.’

Steve Hedges Photography

ZOOM only – note 8 PM start

(Note this talk will NOT be recorded for later viewing)

Steve Hedges


7 Spring PDI League Competition – Round 2

ZOOM only – note 8 PM start


Suzannah Jordan CPAGB

14 ‘Dare to be different (don’t be shy)’

‘Lisa is a self taught creative photographer & former professional Choreographer & Breakdance Champion  specialising in ICM , multiple exposure & abstract images.

She enjoys expressing her inner imagination with a twist of art through the camera lens . Through her presentation her aim is to inspire other photographers to explore that not all images have to be in focus to be a winner.’

Lisa’s Instagram Account

ZOOM only – note 8 PM start

Lisa Rendall

21 ‘Motion capture’

A comprehensive exploration of the creative use of shutter speed

ZOOM only – note 8 PM start

(Note this talk will NOT be recorded for later viewing)

Dr Eddie Hyde FRPS


28 The Winter Digital Image Competition images with a theme of “Let there be light”

Certificates will be awarded for 1st place (Gold), 2nd place (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze), two Highly Commended and two Commended.

ZOOM only – note 8 PM start


Royston Williamson


7 ‘The Joy of Seeing – An Introduction to Photography and Mindfulness’

Rediscover the Joy of Seeing

In his professional work Ken runs photography retreats grounded in the concept of Mindfulness, called “The Joy of Seeing“.

Mindfulness is, at its simplest, an awareness of the present moment – “wherever you are, there you are.” It is also recognised as a highly effective practice for wellbeing, very apt in these difficult times. We all intuitively understand that when the mind is still and free from worry and distraction, we can become more receptive and creative.

Illustrated with a variety of images from his extensive portfolio, Ken will explain how photography of any kind can be enhanced by mindful practice, by letting go of expectations and judgemental habits, and how being with your camera can be a therapeutic pursuit in itself.

Ken Scott ARPS


14 Bracknell Nines Competition

The annual hosting of this prestigious competition which Bracknell has run for many years.

This is your chance to see the very best images from Bracknell and eight other local clubs.

ZOOM & OLC to Members and guests from competing clubs


Rob Bonfield

21 Spring PDI League Competition – Round 3 Gordon Brown ARPS
28 Member’s evening

8 pm  Welcome – Jeff Lawrence
8.05 pm Bracknell Mayor presents Club awards
8.20 pm The Club’s Challenge to the Mayor for her Charity
8.30 pm 15 Minute break
8.45 pm President’s Club update – Jeff Lawrence
9 pm Gladys Perrier – her LRPS panel, the images that worked and those that didn’t
9.30 SIG Updates
-Critique SIG – Paul Hendley
-DarKnights – Gareth Fish
-Smartphone SIG – Jeff Lawrence
10 pm Close meeting – Jeff Lawrence


PDI & Print

Note: Prompt 8pm start

4 ‘Street & Architecture – genres that overlap’

‘The aim of this talk is to give an insight into the mechanics aspects and skill sets for street and architecture based photography. This talk is designed to deliver inspiration and technical input for beginners and advanced photographers.

A breakdown of the techniques and aspects of architecture photography and references
to some leading photographers to follow up on.

A breakdown of the techniques and aspects of street photography and again references to some leading photographers to follow up on .’




Ian Howard



11 Round 4 of both PDI Leagues

These are the last rounds of the competitions and are both open  rounds

Brian Burden LRPS
18 Easter Monday – no meeting