Critique SIG

The goal of this SIG is to provide opportunities for club members to share images/image versions on which they really want input /critique as well as to facilitate discussion of post processing approaches.

Since the BCC Committee believes this to be one of the most valuable educational services offered by the club and one that benefits both Club novices and experts alike, to start with in the 2021-22 Season, the meetings will be at no cost to Club Members.

The SIG organisers plan to run four formal face-to-face sessions at the OLC each season between September and the end of March (assuming that the Government and any OLC restrictions permit this – otherwise Zoom options will be explored.) These will be booked in advance for Members to sign up to but will be cancelled if there are less than four participants to save Club funds.

As a background for new Club Members, history reveals that many images that have been through the critique process – both from new Members and more advanced photographers have subsequently received high marks in competitions and exhibitions. Nevertheless, getting the views of others on whether one of your photographs has the maximum desired impact on viewers is not just for competitive types, the comments often help improve images for family or personal projects.

If interested, then  please contact Paul Hendley or Jon Sawyer.

Here is a before and after  example of an image when the author applied the suggestions received from other Members.

The original image with no processing
As presented to the SIG Members in our Facebook Group

The final version was a winning image with 10 points at one of the Club’s Digital Image League Competitions.

Halong Bay as presented to the external judge