External Competition

The first 3 rounds of the SCPF PDI Division 1 League Competition 2022-2023

We have had a whirlwind 5 days which saw the first THREE of the SCPF Division 1 PDI League competition evenings. Monday night’s event (22nd November) which many of you attended was our best showing with a fourth place. Otherwise we have been fifth and eighth (last!). This leaves us in the relegation zone, two points behind Chichester. All the images in this Division are all of a very high standard which will make this a tough year.

The judging has been illuminating with the individuality of the top quality judges coming through clearly.

  • In Round 1 congratulations to David Watkins and to Mark Perkins for their 10s.
  • In Round 2 congratulations again to Mark Perkins for his 10.
  • In Round 3 congratulations to Cyril Maple and to Caroline Colegate for their 10s.

Caroline’s image in particular has seen the two scoring extremes already. Interestingly, despite our lowly position on the league table, we have scored more 10’s than any other club so far!

Mark Perkin’s image with 10, 10 and 9, has the highest average score of any of the 64 Division 1 images.

We have Round 4 later this week and then no more until January. It will be interesting to see how the next few judges feel about some of our ‘marmite’ images.

All the individual scores for each round and the images can be viewed in the summary post for the season in our News/blog section.

Paul Hendley
External Competition Secretary