External Competition

The seventh round of the SCPF PDI Division 1 League Competition 2021-2022

A very depressing night at the  seventh iteration of the SCPF Division 1 PDI League Competition yesterday evening.  The judge was Leo Rich and he kept the marking pretty close.  We came seventh and the clubs which were behind us, all did better than us – thus making things uncomfortably close for the final round on March 10th 2022.

Mark Wycherley scored one of the only four 10s to be awarded, Cyril’s image was held back but only scored an 8.5; while Mark Perkins wonderful “Robber Flies” were judged to be too sharp and scored only 7.5.

Leo opened the evening by saying he looked for emotion in images and so I was very disappointed when he awarded Caroline’s image “Closing In” the only 6 of the night (note no 6.5’s were awarded.)

All the individual scores for each round and the images can be viewed in the summary post for the season in our News/blog section.

Paul Hendley
External Competition Secretary