Meeting Notes

22nd February 2021 – “Talking pictures” – Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB

Chris delivered an excellent and inspiring talk with superb images. The talk was very well thought out and flowed naturally from step to step.

He showed examples of how he works a scene, by moving about to find different vantage points creating alternative compositions. He went on to illustrate how, by using our legs rather than zoom, we can create different perspectives of the same scene. We saw how, with good technique, attention to detail and patience, images can be produced with great depth of field without focus stacking or tilt & shift lenses, even photographing close-up detail such as beach features.

Best known as a landscape photographer, Chris describes himself as a location photographer and also showed us some of his urban landscapes and street photography.

To see more of Chris’ work visit his website here.

Alan Edwards
Club Chairman