Meeting Notes

Monday 17th April 2023 – A Photographer’s Journey – Robert Pugh

We welcomed Robert Pugh back to tell us more about his unique route into professional photography, after leaving the Army following a serious injury.

Amongst many snippets, he told us how he used his army experience to put himself in the best shooting position on the motor racing track, how his early adoption of mirrorless cameras led to him being an ambassador for Olympus then for Sony and why he loves wedding photography.

Peppered through his talk were useful tips on camera and lens choices, on post-processing software (and how to use it less or not at all) and advice on getting the best from your subjects.  He also gave us a great insight into the commercial side of photography, from how to make a business out of just headshots and the substantial rewards possible for licensing a single image.

Altogether it was a fascinating and enjoyable talk.

Jeff Lawrence
Club President

Jeff Lawrence

I'm a former scientist and engineer who took up photography after retirement and became captivated by it,