The Annual Deer Rut – Richmond Park – 21st September 2022

A very early 0545am start for Ian Hardacre and I as we left for Richmond Park for the start of the rutting season.  Over the past few years the season has started earlier than ever.

The roads were remarkably free of traffic and the route there was quick and hassle free.  A beautiful start to the day with a lovely sunrise over London Town.

We arrived and the car park was empty.  As anyone with experience of the deer rut knows it’s a noisy affair, with the stags and bucks barking, roaring, whistling and belching to advertise their fitness to females and ward off potential rivals. Some of the dominant males will vocalise pretty much non-stop, night and day, for two weeks.

We were immediately rewarded with the unmistakable roar of these majestic animals.

We quickly found some very impressive stags protecting their turf.  There we were joined by several other photographers.

The action went on for some time as we started to retrace our steps, we witnessed a group of young deer play fighting.

Simply running free and seemingly having a great time.

The herd was large and the two or three stags were strutting their stuff and barking.

We headed back to the car park for tea and a bacon bun.  A great start to the day and we were back home for 1030am!

I would highly recommend experiencing this amazing spectacle and if anyone would like some company on a trip to Richmond to see the Deer, get in touch.

David Watkins