Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk in Oxford – 13th August 2022

Each year Scott Kelby organises a a worldwide photo walk in aid of charity. Now post Covid the one for 2022 was held on August 13th. David Watkins, Paul Hendley and Chris Bean from Farnborough Camera Club joined me on the walk.

We left Crowthorne in one car and caught the bus in form the Redbridge Park and Ride. Our plan was to have lunch and then explore Oxford before the walk started. Before reaching the start at the Radcliffe Camera we stopped for lunch in the Oxford Covered Market which at least was cool.

We split up and each went off to find images to get ourselves “warmed up” for the walk.

David’s favourite before the walk

Ian’s favourite before the walk

Paul’s favourites before the walk

The 2022 Oxford Worldwide Photo Walk

The expected temperature for the rest of the day was in the mid-30s and quite a number of participants had dropped out before the day.

Brian estimated that the walk would take 40 minutes without stopping and as we had from 3 till  5pm we would have lots of time for socialising and taking pictures. There were members from 3 or 4 other clubs including Oxford as well as Chris Bean from Farnborough who who had travelled to Oxford with us.

This is the group of crazy folks who braved the weather.

Part way round we paused for a reflected selfie.

From left to right: David Watkins, Paul Hendley, Ian Hardacre and Chris Bean (Farnborough Camera Club)

We did stop and fill our water bottles at a kindly Weatherspoons’ pub The walk was shortened and skipped out the last loop around another part of the city centre. This was because the heat had by 4-30 pm become almost unbearable in the city.

Images from all of the walks worldwide that are posted on social media (including Flickr) will have the hash tag #wwpw2022.

These are David’s images from the walk:

These are Ian’s images from the walk:

These are Paul’s images from the walk

Brian posted a simple summary of the walk on his website and reminded us all that forever more this walk would be known as the “hot one”.

Ian Hardacre