Smartphone SIG meeting at The Old Manor – 10 September 2022  

Seven SIG members met in the car park of The Old Manor on what turned out to be a warm sunny afternoon.  Once assembled we headed to Church Road to photograph Bracknell College.

Bracknell College

The college completed in January 2010 at a cost of £36m sits in what was the previous college car park and is arguably one of Bracknell’s most recognisable iconic architectural buildings.

Remaining on the south side of Church Road the group photographed the building arousing curiosity in the passing motorists.

From my perspective capturing the whole scene using an iPhone with 3 selectable lens was relatively easy, the .5 lens easily including the whole building and provided sufficient space around the image to allow for correction of parallax issues.

Holy Trinity Church

The short walk to the church provided more photographic opportunities.

Holy Trinity Church designed in the 13th Century style and completed in 1851 by public subscription.  The graveyard has not been used for a considerable amount of time.

I was drawn to the granite gravestone, lying in the shadow of a yew tree, the resting place of young Henry Vincent.  Henry and his son (grave occupant), between them created Lilly Hill Park in Bracknell.

The gravestone dating back to 1865 seemed to be in as good a condition as when it was installed some 150 years ago.

Old Manor

After a very pleasant photographic outing we returned to The Old Manor for well-deserved refreshments kindly paid for by our host and organiser.  It was noted that this was an exception to the norm, and we felt slightly less guilty in accepting Jeff’s generosity due to the very reasonable price of drinks.  Whilst discussing all things photographic, several of the group made good use of their time capturing even more images of drink vessels.

David Pottinger

The Images

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