Meeting Notes

Monday 16th January – Working with textures – Janey Lazenby

On Monday evening Janey Lazenby BA(hons) Fine Art, QTFE(2), ASEA, LRPS, CPAGB, BPE3, EFIAP, LMPA provided us with a comprehensive talk on using textures in our own photography. Very relaxed, interesting and helpful introduction to using textures to get the best out of our photographs. Possibly challenging some judges to think more laterally and creatively in club competitions.

Throughout her talk, Janey was answering questions from members and providing helpful pointers on how to take, use and apply textures. Using a range of items from her front door step to a broad range of materials. She also showed us the importance and impact of using blending modes with a number of different methods of applying textures to an image.

After the break she used a number of our own members images for a live edit, applying textures from her own comprehensive stock. She took us through a click by click process to produce a final image. How brave!.

A very entertaining and educational evening.

David Watkins
Club Chairman