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Monday 28th November – “Composition my way” by Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB

On Monday we continued our speaker programme and it was a pleasure to have one of our own respected and accomplished member talk to the club.

As always, Caroline entertained with her thought provoking and deliberate style. Sharing with us her experience, ideas and expertise in composition. Demonstrating how she composes her images and how (and why) she sometimes breaks the so-called rules!

Caroline explained how she uses emotion and feelings when taking a photograph. Not always having an idea in her head when she ventures out, but develops what and how, she wants to take and portray in an image when she spots something that takes her eye. And what an eye she has.

The journey she took us on started with the basics and so called rules. She then transported us in to a whole new arena punctuated by the basic principle, of taking photographs for herself. Caroline then discussed the spoken word and how she is developing her own poetry / writing style which she uses to provide an insight into her personal images and the message she is conveying. Caroline also pointed out that the majority of her images are taken within a short distance of her home!

The talk was both inspirational and motivational and I hope it makes members want to pick up a camera or camera phone and start taking more pictures.

Caroline, thank you for a wonderful evening and for sharing your photographic journey. It is evident from the number of members in hall and the very warm reception you received, the high esteem we hold you in.

Thank you.

SCPF Roll Of Honour – Richard Reynolds

During the break we welcomed Anne Eckersley LRPS DPAGB BPE3* in her capacity as President of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) and importantly as a friend and former member of Bracknell Camera Club.

Anne joined us to present to the SCPF Roll Of Honour to Richard Reynolds LRPS. A very special and well deserved award.

Many congratulations Richard and a huge thank you from your friends at our club for your commitment and hard work. Very well deserved.

David Watkins
Club Chairman