Meeting Notes

16th November 2020 – “Photographers and their images” – Rod Bird

Many thanks for Rod’s efforts over the weekend recovering your presentation after a PC crash.

Rod entertained us with a fascinating talk about the history of photography – from Niepce and Daguerre in the 1830’s through to modern day photographers. He went on to speculate which current photographers would appear in the history of photography of the future – Salgado, Burtinsky, Kenna perhaps?

He left us with the thought that, even though he is a keen advocate of camera clubs, we are perhaps too reliant on competition evenings. He posed the question – are there other ways that members can share images? How can members develop their own style?

This led to an interesting debate that resulted in us overrunning for a third week in a row! Food for thought.

Thank you  for a stimulating evening, Rod!