Meeting Notes

9th January 2023 – “Done Is better than perfect” – Victoria Baptiste

On Monday evening Victoria gave us an insight into her approach to photography and possibly, a New Years Resolution for some of us?

We were delighted to welcome Victoria to the club following the postponement of her original session before Christmas.  Victoria shared with us her approach to planning, learning and taking images in her presentation, “Done Is better than perfect”.

She shared with us her approach including those areas and commissions that did turn turn out as she anticipated.  Her experience in respect of the jobs she had held and her aim to not stay in a job for more than two years was interesting.  She does have a ‘portfolio’ career to date and is certainly not afraid of taking risks.


I found her talk refreshing, interesting and at times, thought provoking.  She is certainly hard working and a person who knows where they are going and is not afraid of trying different routes to achieve her goals and ambitions.

See her work on her website or on Instagram.

David Watkins

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