External Competition

Update on SCPF Print League Division  2 – 3rd round – 21st November 2022


The third round of Division 2 of the  SCPF Print League was held at the OLC on Monday 21st November 2022.

We had two visitors from Overton Camera Club who had turned up to pick up the 64 prints for the next round.  Thankfully they helped us set up and arrange the 64 images in the required random order ready for the competition to start on time.

We had a very disappointing turn out of members but thanks to those who did attend.

Mark Wright managed the event very well and Ian Hardacre and Jon Sawyer did a sterling job of handling the prints for the judge.

The judge was Chris Hutchinson who did a good job in managing to get through all 64 of these top class entries on time and without rushing.  Even better, he followed the marking guidance and used the full range of marks between 6 and 10.

Bracknell did not fare too well in the competition, coming 7th. Members can see our images and scores  plus the league tables in the Members’ Area of the website.

Our thanks go out to the visitors from Overton (again) and to our members who all helped to put the prints back into their respective boxes.

All the individual scores for each round and the images can be viewed in the summary page for the season’s SCPF competitions in our Member’s Area.

Paul Hendley