SCPF Exhibition Judging day on Sunday 20th November 2022

On Sunday I was one of the volunteers for the SCPF Exhibition Judging Day. The event was held at the Sparsholt Memorial Hall in Hampshire.  This was the first time since the Covid lockdowns that this judging was held in person, and best of all we had prints!

Our judge for the day was Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP APAGB.

The hall had to be set up for the judging of the prints and despite the length of time that had passed since the last event we were soon up and running.

This being my first time as a volunteer at such an event, I was fascinated as to how it was organised.

The tables were set out in a big horseshoe arrangement, on the tables we first laid out  all the club’s print boxes in alphabetical order. Each club had an A4 sheet placeholder. We had the same number of boxes as placeholders – so all ready to go.

All the print boxes ready to open

Next, we shuffled the boxes into SCPF club “numerical” order. Then all the boxes were opened, and we sorted the prints in ascending order, taking care that all the prints were face down except for #6 to minimise any potential handling damage.

In groups of two we then picked up all the #1s, #2s etc in reverse order and the six piles of prints were placed next to the lightbox.

Ready for judging
Lightbox and judge’s chair
Ready to go

Once judging started all the volunteers had roles to play. One read out the image number (a combination of club and the image no), another put the image into the lightbox in front of the judge and then after the score the image was given to another volunteer to write the score.

Images were then sorted according to their scores, 8s to 10s were retained on top table in piles, images with scores less than 8 were returned to their respective boxes by “runners” .

The judge’s scores were recorded on a laptop by another volunteer. These scores were used to score the results for the club competition running in parallel with the individual member competition.

I had the best spot in the house as I stood at the side of the seated judge and after the score was given moved the image to have the score entered on the back. This meant I was able to clearly see every image.

After 4 stacks we took a short break and then re-started again. The 10s and 9.5s were brought back to the lightbox and the judge awarded 1st, 2nd , 3rd and commended to the prints. Plus gave a short commentary as to why the awards were given to each print.

Then we all helped return the 8s to 10s to their respective boxes. Before closing each box we did a check that we did have that club’s 6 prints – just in case of any mis-sorting!

As well as the winning prints the highest scoring clubs were then noted.

Digital Images Judging in the afternoon

After lunch, the small meeting room was set up to review all 296 submitted images.

The judge kept up a steady pace as he went through all the images. At the end the 10s and the 9.5s were viewed again and the judged awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd and highly commended.

Just as for the morning’s print competition, the judge’s scores were recorded in the competition app. These scores were then used to score the results for the club competition that ran in parallel with the individual member competition.

The judging day had started at 9 am and  the hall was returned to its original state at 3.40 pm.

The results of both competitions will be sent out to clubs in the coming days.

Bracknell’s Results

In the “Colour Projected Image Awards”,  Gladys Perrier’s “Hairy Legs” was Highly Commended.

The scores for all of Bracknell’s submitted images and prints are in a post only available in the Member’s Area.

The Exhibition – Young’s Gallery Salisbury

The Exhibition preview will be held on Friday 6th January from  6.30pm. This is the opportunity for club members to see the prints on the walls of the gallery before the opening to the public.


I had not known what to expect when I volunteered to help for the day. I had a great time, helped to make the event run smoothly, chatted to other volunteers and best of all was able to see 500+ pictures judged,

Ian Hardacre
SCPF Secretary