Undiscovered Eton

We met on Windsor Bridge, Paul Munkenbeck, Gareth Fish, Steve Friend, and Elaine Woodgate to follow the Eton Walkway, a two-mile circular walk around the town and parts of Eton College.

It was a warm sunny day, flags were flapping in the High Street over the wide array of interesting shops: gentlemen’s outfitters and uniform suppliers, sporting goods, antiques, galleries, bookshops, cafes and barbers.

Eton High Street by Lynda Morten

Most of us will have walked through Eton high street many times but there are some hidden treasures waiting to be discovered which we will explore today.

Many will know the main sights such as The Cockpit, currently being refurbished, the Pillar Box, the Christopher Inn, the Brocas, and Eton College.
Today we visited a number of hidden gems all with fantastic photo opportunities which many people are not aware of such as:

Baldwin’s Bridge and Barnes Pool
You may have walked over this bridge but have you taken the time to walk round to the garden under the bridge.

Baldwins Bridge by Lynda

The Marathon Marker
Halfway up a wall at the start of the Slough Road is an original marker from the first ever modern marathon. The ‘about 25 miles’ route from Windsor to London was an event in the 1908 London Olympics finishing at the White City Stadium in Shepherds Bush. The Windsor to London distance has been adopted as the Olympic standard ever since.

Herschel Observatory
The observatory, constructed in 1981, has five telescopes dating back as far as 1870. It is maintained and operated by a small team of boys and teachers who form the Astronomical Society (AstroSoc)

The Anthony Gormley Statue
The Edge II statue was commissioned by the College in 2001. Gormley decided where it should be installed, it’s certainly unusual!

The Edge II by Paul Munkenbeck

College museums
There are three college museums; Museum of Eton Life, Natural History and Museum of Antiquities, they are open to the public on Sunday afternoons.

Museum of Antiquities by Paul Munkenbeck

Eton College

The College was founded in 1440 by Henry VI. It is one of only three public schools to keep the boys-only, boarding-only tradition, which means that its boys live at the school seven days a week during term-time. We were amazed by the number of boarding houses, 24 in all housing over 1,300 boys.

The Quadrangle by Paul Munkenbeck

It has educated prime ministers, world leaders, Nobel laureates, Academy Award and BAFTA award-winning actors as well as members of the aristocracy.

Boys in various types of dress, some in tailcoats, others in fancy blazers, strolled between lessons, College Masters floated along the street in their billowing black gowns.

The Master by Gareth Fish

The Photography
Everyone saw something new and unexpected; Gareth was delighted to find different spots for the DarkKnights and I was relieved that leading my first walk had gone so well, at the end of two hours we were back at the bridge with photos and memories.

Lynda Morten – 15 May 2024

The Post Box Arch by Gareth Fish

Symetrical Corridor Eton College by Gareth Fish

Bike gang meet the schoolboy gang by Gareth Fish

Latin plaque Eton College by Paul Munkenbeck

Eton Boys Graffiti by Paul Munkenbeck


Running Late by Steve Friend

Walk the Wall by Steve Friend

The Young and the Old – Baldwins Bridge by Steve Friend

Collecting Water – Baldwins Bridge by Steve Friend

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