External Competition

The Farnborough CC InterClub PDI Competition 2021

This was the 16th running of the Farnborough CC InterClub PDI Competition.

Farnborough PDI Challenge
Steve Buesden – Roosting 9.5
Steve Buesden – Hey! 7
Paul Hendley – Come Into My Parlour Said the Spider 7
 Mark Perkins – Tolmerus Cingulatus Pair Mating 7.5
Ian Hardacre – Leon Pausing Between Songs 9
David Watkins – Eagle and Magpie Conversation 9
 Alan Edwards – Bonnet 8.5
David Pottinger – Robin Imitating Vulture 9
Alan Edwards – Tribal Makeup 8.5
Mark Perkins – Home Schooling During Lockdown 8
Total score 83

Ranked Scores
Farnborough CC – 88½ 1st
Yateley CC – 87 2nd
Oakley – 84½ 3rd
Aldershot Farnham and Fleet  CC – 83½ 4th
Bracknell  – 83 5th
Windlesham & Camberley CC – 75½ 6th

Another less than spectacular competition result I am afraid. At the Farnborough Interclub competition, we started well but suffered three very poor scores from our 10 images which put us in fifth place by the end. The judge was interesting and clearly did not like insect/arachnid images with Mark’s brilliant Robber Fly image (which is the highest scoring image in Division 1 after 4 rounds only received a  7.5!

Steve Buesden’s Roosting (slightly edited) did the best with a 9.5, Ian Hardacre, David Watkins and David Pottinger all received 9.0’s. As you can see, just 4 more half points and we would have made 3rd!
Oh well…………………………….

Paul Hendley
External Competitions Secretary