External Competition

The results of the PAGB 2020 GB Cup

Daan submitted 15 entries to the PAGB GB Cup 2020 (GB Cup or Trophy Club Competition) on behalf of the Club.

The entries were judged on the 25th January 2020.  Each entry is scored out of a maximum of 15.

These are the results for our images:

Author Title Score Acceptances
Alan Edwards Dry Cleaning 11
Daan Olivier In my garden shed 9
Noel Hannan Ascension 11
Jon Sawyer Almost Due 9
Jan Walters Botanical 9
Alan Edwards Wistful 10
Gareth Fish Light at the end of the tunnel 11
Gladys Perrier Outraged 9
Daan Olivier Perseverance 13 Accepted
Mark Perkins Robber Fly -leptarthrus vitripennis 9
Noel Hannan The Conjuring 11
Stephanie Paterson Toby the proud Welsh Pony 12
Paul Hadaway USAF F-22 Raptor 12
Steven Hubbard F35 Climbing Fast 10
Debbie Bradley Battling The Elements 9