Sheer madness from the DarKnights this week

Mars may have appeared burning hot this morning as a tiny red spot next to the moon when the lunar occultation played out but my fingers and toes definitely were not. The temperatures plummeted to -5°C at 04:57 this morning. She kept us waiting for just under an hour as she disappeared behind the moon, re-emerging at 05:55.

A moment of madness I am thinking as I am still shivering an hour and a half later despite a bowl of porridge and a steaming cup of coffee.

Beware of these events organised by Gareth for the DarKnights!

Gladys Perrier

Click on the images to find the red spot that is Mars.

PS From Gareth
It was an amazing experience. And I learned people walk dogs up there at that time. THOSE people are mad!

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