Create a DarKnight image from a daylight image before midnight Sunday July 12th

I trust all DarKnights are keeping well and safe in these rather strange times. Personally I am hoping we are continuing to make baby steps back to a sense of normal life.

I thought it was time to reconnect as a group. My first baby step is to propose a fun little competition (Fun, no prizes, but I will select a winner!). This Sunday, 21st June is the longest day, or said another way, the shortest night. So you need to be dedicated to your dark, night photography, right?

Well here is my challenge to you…can you take one of your daytime photographs and convert it into a night time photograph?

Put simply, drag down the exposure slider and relight the composition. Or maybe there are more subtle ways of doing it?

Submit your entries by midnight on Sunday 12th July via the DarKnights Flickr page or send to me directly at the email address below and I shall find a way of sharing. I will then select a Winner and possibly a Runner Up (just for the kudos, mind!)

This is an example that I worked on a couple of weeks ago.

The original image …

This was a doorstep within the Tower of London complex, photographed on a bright but overcast midday.

The DarKnights version

And this was the final result.

Now let’s see what you can all do!!!

Stay safe 🙂

Gareth Fish
Co-ordinator of the DarKnights


The deadline originally was the 28th June before its extension to Sunday 12th July.


Gareth Fish

Generally having fun, mostly outdoor genres of photography. I look after the Night Photography SIG for the club. If you are interested in going the DarKnights, give me a call