Can you spot the smartphone images?

Smartphone cameras are now universal and their quality has improved to a level that they can produce images of the same standard as those from conventional cameras. To prove the point, here is a quiz where for each set of three similar images, one is captured on a smartphone and your task is to choose which.

The images are labelled as a, b or c and they will be displayed for a short time as a set, then individually, then as a set again when you have to note your choice before the next set is displayed. The sets are finally displayed with the smartphone image labelled and you can check your choices and find your score. The highest achieved so far is 8 out of 10, but Janice, who achieved this, says it was purely by guesswork!

See if you can do better.

The Smartphone quiz from the 5th September Kick Off event.

Jeff Lawrence
Smartphone SIG Organiser

Jeff Lawrence

I'm a former scientist and engineer who took up photography after retirement and became captivated by it,