Club Competition

6th June 2022 Margaret Woods Nature Competition

The Club’s annual Nature competition was judged as always by members. The normally fraught business of counting votes was actually simpler to operate over Zoom, and with only a small audience at the OLC. Congratulations to Mark Wright on his first competition win.

Many thanks to Richard for managing the competition so efficiently in such a short space of time after our AGM.

Thank you to everyone who entered images, without which there would have been  no competition.

First place – Mr Owl Takes a Bow by Mark Wright


Second Place – Emu Headshot by Iona McKenzie

Third Place – The Cuckoo by Gladys Perrier

2 thoughts on “6th June 2022 Margaret Woods Nature Competition

  • A well deserved win. I just love that sweep of the wings. It gives a real sense of movement and makes me think a a matador’s cape.

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