External Competition

2020-2021 SCPF Exhibition Results

DLR by Steve Buesden

We are delighted to report that the Club did very well in this year’s event. 35 clubs competed and each had entered eight images. There were three judges marking out of ten and surprisingly no half marks were awarded.

Splinters of light by Gladys Perrier

The individual scores for our images were:

Title  Author Total Awards
Watchful Eye Jan Walters 9
Must.Get.Ball! Stephanie Paterson 9 Highly Commended
DLR Steven Buesden ARPS 9
With this nesting material, I thee wed Paul Hendley LRPS, CPAGB 8
Splinters of light Gladys Perrier 7
Light and Shadow Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB 10 Mono Silver
Finishing touch Jeff Lawrence LRPS CPAGB 7
Cleaning her claw by the Mirror Paul Hendley LRPS, CPAGB 8

You might think that these are not very impressive scores until you see the marking outcome (below) – only six 10’s out of the 280 images and the Club was awarded four of the 51 scores of 9 or 10 compared to an average expectation of 1.5 9’s or 10’s per club!!

Cleaning her claws by the mirror by Paul Hendley

Therefore many congratulations should go to Jan, Stephanie and Steve and, of course, Caroline with her 10.

Score Frequency
5 1
6 20
7 101
8 107
9 45
10 6
Total 280

There was a Gold/Silver/Bronze award for colour and also for mono – as you know, Caroline got the Mono silver award.  There were also a total of 6 Highly Commended awards and Stephanie got one of those – well done to both.

Here is a list of the 15 top performing clubs. We came second on countback, with Caroline’s 10 making all the difference!. Given the tightness of the rest of the scores, Yateley won by a country mile with five 9/10’s and three 8’s.

Note: there will be no physical exhibition in Salisbury this season.

Finishing touch by Jeff Lawrence

Paul Hendley
External Competition Secretary