Club Competition

The results of 2021 Chris Bradley Cup

The Chris Bradley Cup is an internal competition when  members contribute humourous images that are then marked and given new titles by other members.

1st Brian Gennery with Men Behaving Badly

2nd Alan Edwards with Cross-eyed

3rd Steve Hubbard with Engine Seat

The Funniest Comment

This second part of the evening was won  by Margaret Stewart, where members as well as voting offer an alternative comment to the title originally submitted.

There were four more contenders for funniest comment, all five were drawn from a hat (cardboard box) and Margaret came first, Ed Booth, Stephanie Paterson, Steve Hubbard and Brian Poulton all highly commended.

Thanks to everyone who entered, great fun was had by all.

Thanks to Peter terry for organising the presentation of the images in the evening.

More entries next year please.


Graham Peacock