Meeting Notes

The Diary of an Exhausted Photographer – David Clapp – 19th December 2022

On Monday evening, the 19th December, David Clapp presented to us via Zoom into the OLC. We experienced unexpected difficulties with connecting to David, then getting the sound working until finally we were able to start 15 minutes late. From 19:55 David entertained us playing his guitar. Unfortunately not all of us could hear him play while we sorted the sound!

David picked images from his catalogue and gave us a background of the image. His “go to” lens was a 100-400 which was on his cameras the majority of the time. He showed us portraits and landscapes taken with this lens. Then in complete contrast the portraits taken when he was only a few feet away from the subject. This way of shooting completely changed the way his subjects reacted to the camera as he invaded their personal space.

We had infra-red images taken with a modified camera and others where he utilised filters to alter the wavelengths recorded. He described how as a Canon Ambassador he could borrow expensive cameras but how he liked to demonstrate how mid-level or entry-level cameras could be used to produce images – in other words camera models that the majority of us would be using.

David suggested we try to concentrate on creativity, avoid the news cycles, take portrait and landscapes images back to back, try not to take pictures that been already been captured many times and how he was taking more and more candid people images. The images of the antics of people taking pictures in the lavender fields in France were great examples of this.

Many thanks to the nearly 40 members who braved the rain and waited patiently while we sorted out the technology!

Ian Hardacre