Print mounting workshop on 13th September 2022

Richard Reynolds

There was a full house for the print mounting workshop yesterday evening for the workshop.

Thank you to Richard Reynolds and Jeff Lawrence for helping to organise the workshop and to Paul Hendley for picking up the supplies.

Jeff has provided a spreadsheet with a list of sources of materials and information on printing and mounting. It’s not exhaustive and perhaps not fully up-to-date but everyone should find whatever they need from one of the suppliers listed. Richard has also has provided notes to provide guidance about mounting prints. Both of these are available here in the Member’s Area (and you need to be logged in to read).

As a reminder, the club has a stock of mountboard in pre-cut size of 500mm x 400mm, with backing card and framer’s tape all for sale at near-cost price.

In summary, everyone went home with a completed mount so we had all better watch out in the first print competition!

David Watkins