Monday 31st October 2022 – James Rushworth over Zoom


James Rushforth presented over Zoom “Exploring the Italian Dolomites and Iceland – an unexpected career in photography and guidebook writing”

Yesterday evening James took us on his journey from climbing to writing books. His early images of climbing in the Dolomites, skiing off piste down near vertical gaps in cliffs or walking across a “wire” were scary to look at– especially those of us not keen on heights!

James showed us how he developed his books and now uses drones as well as cameras to capture his images. He demonstrated a wide breadth of photographic skills and his landscapes were stunning.

Thank you for a breath taking evening (and making us all want to visit the Dolomites, Iceland and Rumania as soon as we can!)

Visit his website to see even more of his images. On the website you’ll be able to see (and buy)  all his publications. But please do look again at his images and look out for the schooner through the huge iceberg, my particular favourite of the evening.

Here’s a 2018 blog from CGTN with all those iceberg images.

Ian Hardacre