Club Competition

Monday 27th 2023 March Internal Print League Round 3

For the final round of this season’s print competition our critical friend for the evening was Peter Walmsley LRPS CPAGB EFIAP.

I found his comments varied and helpful.  Peter had clearly done preparation for assessing our offerings talking about the colour wheel and visual weight and the impact these factors have on composition and how the image ‘feels’.  An interesting evening with around 35 combined images for both the league and comments only.  Although I believe there were some ‘missing’ images that went AWOL.

Once again it was a pleasure to see member images that were varied in style and approach.  Clearly the previous creative corner session facilitated by the Portrait SIG had an impact as the number of portraits were quite high with a definite monochrome theme running through them.

There were five images held back with one score of ten by Mark Perkins with his image, ‘The Young Enforcer’.  Congratulations to Mark and also to all of those members who shared their images with us.

The Young Enforcer by Mark Perkins ARPS CPAGB

Thank you.

David Watkins
Club Chairman

(And thanks to Gladys Perrier for preparing the images for the website)