Club Competition

January 23rd 2023 – The Winter Digital Image Competition – Mono Graveyards

An intriguing theme for this season’s competition for our judge, Colin Harrison to review and comment on.  And what a good job he did.  Thoughtful comments across the board with an insight into what he was looking for in terms of composition and light.

We had a long list of award winning images and congratulations to those who were awarded certificates:

Gold Medal                                   Richard Bullock      Graveside vigil
Silver  Medal                                Helen Berridge        Follow the light
Bronze  Medal                              Chris Bradley          Graveyard Cross

Highly commended

Stephanie Paterson  Signs of life amongst the dead
Mark Perkins          Graveyard


Paul Hendley            Joined in death
Gladys Perrier         Ivy intertwines

To view all the entries click here.

For the first evening across a number of seasons, we had an amazing amount of entries.

Many thanks to all those members who entered images.  I hope you were rewarded with some helpful comments and an independent perspective on your images.

David Watkins
Club Chairman