Daan Olivier received a “Nomination Award” for his panel in the “Fine Art Photographer of the Year (Amateur)” competition


For his panel of 5 images, Daan received a “Nomination Award – People Category” in the 7th International “Fine Art Photographer of the Year (Amateur)” competition.   His panel is entitled “VISUAL REPORTAGE ON THE MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES EXPERIENCED DURING COVID-19 LOCKDOWN” a selection of images from Daan’s book published last year.

Daan’s panel


This pentaptych is a reportage on some of the mental health challenges experienced by a person permanently living on an English canal boat during Covid-19 lockdown.

These composite images are a selection from a larger body of work, my published illustrated anthology of poems, “Nowhere to Go” (June 2020). In that I offer a visual and prose narrative, with empathy and intimacy, on the physical and psychological impact of Covid-19 lockdown on boat people.

The sombre mood of lockdown is represented by the darker mono tones used in the images. The visual transitions in the images, from clarity in the centre to a blurred obscurity on the edges, indicate how the boater’s mind drifts from reality to a graver and worrying expansive dream space, repeatedly.


The FAPA Awards

There were 4,929 submissions from 92 countries for the 7th Fine Art Photographer of the Year (Amateur) (FAPA) competition.

You can read more about the the FAPA Awards here.

Receiving a Nomination Award and being part of the final of 77 international photographer artists whose work was recognised in this category, is a great honour for Daan.   You can see the final 7th FAPA nominations in the People Amateur Category here.

This is the second time that Daan’s work was nominated by FAPA. The first time was in 2019 in the 5th Fine Art Photographer of the Year (Amateur) – Photo Manipulation Category.   That was for a panel “MENTAL SUFFERING OF PRISONERS” and was a selection from his FRPS panel.