Why do we have a Club website?

It is now two years since this website went ‘live’- is it meeting these aims?

The Club website is for members:

– to inform them about the upcoming programme of events or workshops

– to inform about results of the Club’s internal competitions

– to easily load competition entries

– to display Club member’s entries in internal competitions

– recognise entries to internal competitions that have scored a ‘ten’

– to circulate news about the Club and Club members including news that are only available for Club members

– updates on Club entries to external competitions

For potential members:

– details what the Club offers including programme, workshops and special interest groups

– news about the Club and Club members

– showing off some of the best work of Club members across the last few years to encourage membership and recognise great imagery

– encourage potential members to come to one of the Club’s evenings

About the Club for members and non-members alike:

– its history

– images from the Club Exhibition and details about the event

– advertise ‘one-off’ special events organised by the Club

– the Club’s social media

– where the Club meets

– commitment to supporting other clubs by showing details of our members who are judges

– committee members and contact information

– a roll call of members who have won competitions in the past or who have obtained distinctions

Any comments?

Originally published November 2019

Updated November 2021