Club Competition

The tens from our internal PDI League Round 1

Thanks to Steven Galvin LRPS for judging our first ever competition using Zoom. It was also the first round of our projected digital image league. The whole process worked very well, I thought. I think there is a clear benefit from judges being able to assess the images beforehand and clearly Steven had done his homework before the meeting and made helpful, constructive comments. I hope you all benefited from his comments. Thanks to Peter for getting everything to work especially in the absence of an uploader.

Congratulations to Ian Hardacre and Gareth Fish for their tens in Division 1 and to Gladys Perrier and Steve Friend for their tens in Division 2.

Alan Edwards
Club Chairman

The 10s from Division 1

Portland Bill Lighthouse by Gareth Fish
Leon by Ian Hardacre LRPS

The 10s from Division 2

Copper Horse by Steve Friend
Showering on the Shore by Gladys Perrier