Club Competition

The final results from our internal leagues in 2022-23

The PDI Leagues had four rounds and the last round was on Monday 24th April 2023.

PDI Division 1

The winner is Andy Myatt with a total of 39.5

Runner up is David Watkins with 38.

PDI Division 2

A particularly close run thing with two people scoring 36 out of a possible 40, but only one had achieved a maximum 10. So on count back the results are:

The winner is Richard Bullock

Runner up is Mark Wright

Print League

This year, due to the decline in members entering images, all entrants were in the same class. The Print league had three rounds, but entrants could submit two images per round and their final score was the sum of the top four marks they had been awarded

The winner is Mark Perkins


Many congratulations to everyone who entered images throughout the season in both the league element and in the ‘for comments only’ section.

Everyone taking deserves a round of applause.

The marks from the competitions are available in the members area here.