COVID-19 Guidelines for attendees of meetings at the OLC

These guidelines are effective for the restart of meetings at the OLC on March 7th 2022. They will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.

Before you attend:

  • We expect all members attending to have been double-vaccinated.
  • Do not attend if you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 10 days and have not had a subsequent negative test.
  • Do not attend if you or members of your household have displayed Covid-like symptoms within 48 hours of the meeting. Do not attend if you or members of your household have been “pinged” by track and trace systems.
  • Do not attend if you are feeling unwell in any way.
  • The OLC require everyone to wear face masks while in public areas.
  • Whilst the wearing of masks in the OLC is optional the Club does request that members wear them if possible especially when seated close to a visiting speaker or judge
  • All windows and doors will be kept open to aid ventilation however the curtains will be closed if there is excessive light preventing a good image being displayed on the screen. Wear suitable clothing so that you can remain warm enough as the temperature drops.

Please do not attend if any of the above points are a problem for you.

While at the OLC:

  • As the rear doors are no longer available for us to use, enter the building using the main front entrance.
  • The OLC staff sanitise all the surfaces before each meeting, but it makes sense to touch as little as possible in the hall or building.
  • The chairs will be set out with a wider spacing (≥ 1 metre) than in the past. Please do not move them closer together unless you form a group living in one household. The chairs will be set back (≥ 2m) from the speaker/judge.
  • Use the sanitisers to clean your hands as you enter and leave the hall. There is one by the rear exit and another on the table as you enter or leave the hall.
  • Tea and coffee will be available using an electrically heated urn in the main hall. Stephanie (or delegate) will dispense them. You should touch only your cup and your biscuit. They will be free (until further notice) so there is no need to worry about cash. Please be patient and form an orderly queue in line with instructions on the night. Tea breaks might be longer than usual depending on the format of the evening
  • Note that the equipment may be set up differently from normal to enable Zooming out.
  • Please respect social distancing including in the corridors and when queuing

Please recognise that all of us are ‘in different places’ dealing with the effects of the pandemic, so please be tolerant of and respect those taking greater precautions than you and vice versa.

If the meeting has to be transferred to ZOOM at short notice then our Chairman will send a special Parish Note message, so keep an eye open for emails if you intend to attend meetings at the OLC.

We shall be informing visiting judges and speakers what our facilities at the OLC are like and how we are managing meetings.  We shall be telling them to expect that our members will be complying with these guidelines so please make sure that everyone in the OLC complies.  We will also be expecting our visitors and guests to comply as well.

Until further notice, all activities that involve unnecessary potential contact will be on hold.  These include self-sign in, sign-up for Club activities, magazine sales, raffles and presentation of awards and certificates.

Any comments or suggestions may be forwarded to the Club Secretary.

Version 6

Published 2nd March 2022