Last week saw our The Autumn Digital Image Competition – images taken with your Smartphone.  We welcomed our judge, Jason Hyde who is a Level 3 Judge based in Cricklade Camera Club and is WebMaster for the SCPF

The results are below and you can see all the images at https://compbcc.co.uk/leagueweb/index.html

Well done to all our winners on the night and those of you who came close and those of you who entered.  Every effort is appreciated and I hope you have found encouragement and inspiration on how to produce even better images in the future:

Gold                A summer day on Etna by Andrew Johnson
Silver              The Watcher by Paul Hendley
Bronze           Dappled Light by Lucy Rakauskas

HC                  The Cabbage Delta by Gareth Fish
HC                  Bright and Breezy by Paul Munkenbeck
HC                  The sea doesn’t always let them go by Stephanie Paterson
HC                  Sunset at Porthmadog by Sue Mathews
HC                  It’s all downhill from here by Brian Poulton

C                     Fungi by Steve Friend
C                     Round the bend by Alan Edwards
C                     Festival by Peter Russell


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