Past Newsletters

 Issue  Description  Link
116  Tribute to Peter Ellis
 115  Introduction to the new season and SIGs
 114  Tony Moussalli has a plea for more content please and Jon Sawyer reports on the ‘War and Peace Revival’ in Kent.
 113  Tony Moussalli, Ida Groot Attias and David Watkins visit the ‘other side’ of Ascot and a guest piece from Jason and Noor (non members) at the behest of the editor!
 112 Ian Hardacre travels to Orkney and Noel Hannan explains how to make a composite image
 111 Ian Hardacre does it on the streets with Damian Demolder and Noel Hannan takes us through his shooting setups and offers lighting advice
 110  Steve Buesden urges you to start a project,Ian Hardacre goes plane spotting, Alan Edwards lifts the lid on External Competitions and Bill Potts gives us his review of ‘The Radical Eye’ exhibition at the Tate Modern.
 109  League structure up for discussion with Steve Buesden, Trainspotting with Steve Hubbard and Ron Gaffney extols the delights of the Canberra
108  Graham Codd and David Watkins get the bird and Tony Moussalli takes on San Fransisco.
107  Jeff Lawrence goes back to basics with the Jealott’s Hill Community Project, and the 3 Amigos are at it again around Reading this time.
106  Billy Watson at Brick Lane and Neil Dunlop expands on the uses of the Canon EOS Utility
105  Seasons Greatings, Stacking – Using the Canon EOS Utility by Neil Dunlop, The Three Amigos in Portsmouth by an Anonymous Amigo.
103   New season, new members and a bit of remembering from Graham Panton.
102  A day out at Thruxton watching cars whizzing by and Ruari shares a most memorable presentation evening
101  What made us proud at the 2015 SCPF exhibition, an appreciation of Sandy Pullar, and goodbye to Coopers Hill
100  Four intrepid ladies have been out and about , fortunately armed with their cameras and are here to tell us all about it.
99 Comments received on competitions, a bit on street photography, a bit working with multishot images, a bit on the BCC exhibition, and some images by the club’s youngest member
98 It’s the club Diamond Jubilee year and some celebrating is envisaged while Brian Richardson, Pam Voyce and Sandy Pullar look back, and Caroline Colegate offers some sterling advice for new members on competition judging
97  Brian Steptoe shows us the value of high quality ‘record shots’, taken several years ago at locations that look very different today. Bruce Collins describes an enchanting brief encounter on a train. Anne Eckersley enthuses about a photo shoot at RAF Northolt. She also encourages you to consider a PAGB award. Chris Bradley invites you to enter the annual Portfolio Competition, which is always a lot of fun.
96  Ruari Cumming describes the rewards in looking at the detail, with examples from his beloved Hebridean Islands. Tony Moussalli has been doing more London walkabout, this time in Shoreditch. Steve Buesden flies a kite! And he would like to hear your opinion. Eileen Riley thinks about types of photographs, with input from Debbie Bradley.
95  Brian Gennery takes us for a stroll round Buttermere, with seasonal variation, and stunning views. Cecil Chapple goes with HF Holidays to Northumberland for a trip combining photography, birds and walking. Caroline Colegate shares her experience of the Loxley lab printing services.
94  Tony Moussali led a trip to London for street photography. His companions have something to say! Alan Drabble talks about two very different photographic exhibitions in London this summer. Peter Ellis describes a street photography workshop in London with Arena photographer David Mason. Attention new members! Information from Steve Buesden about workshops, aimed particularly at new members
93  Tony Moussali explores some London churches. David Gaunt talks about an inspiring exhibition. Chris Bradley advises us to get our priorities right when photographing in a hot-house!