Programme 2018-19

3 Sep The Lucky Dragon Margaret Salisbury FRPS, MFIAP, FIPF, APAGB, AWPF
This talk include images from her recent travels to many parts of the world, illustrated with prints in Mono and Colour.

Travel to some wonderful places in different parts of the world has given her the opportunity to capture memories and “see” the country, landscapes, shops, places, events, wildlife and best of all, “the people”, which she has photographed in her own way.

This talk is sponsored by Fotospeed.

10 Sep Welcome Back – Members Evening Various club members
A selection of member presentations on a variety of topics
17 Sep Food Photography Jonathan Thompson 
Jonathan isn’t a foodie, not in the usual way. He’s all about the stories behind the stove. He will give us a taste of what it takes to bring astonishing plates of food to our tables.

Jonathan works with some of the UK’s and the world’s top chefs, shooting for restaurants, international magazines, online publications and the suppliers at the grass roots of the food chain.
24 Sep Projected Digital Images Competition Peter Merry
Round 1 of the PDI league
1 Oct Sports photography Mark Pain
Mark was Sports Photographer of the year in 2011 and has covered all the major sporting events from the Olympics to the Rugby World Cup.

The talk this evening will be an exciting look into the world of sports photography.
8 Oct Beyond Visible Light Simon Weir
This fascinating and inspiring talk looks at the history of infrared photography (IR) over the last 100 years.  Simon will cover the discovery of “invisible” light, the invention of IR films and their many civilian and military uses, the move to digital camera conversion and even a moment of space exploration!

Along the way Simon will showcase the work of other IR photographers from around the world as well as his own portfolio of IR images taken over 15 years.
15 Oct Print Competition John Randall
Round 1 of the Print league
22 Oct ‘Time lapses and long exposures: Pushing your photography boundaries’ on the ‘Behind the Lens Stage’.  Nigel Story 
Nigel’s talk will be crammed full of information about what goes on behind the scenes for the creation of his long exposure photos and time lapses. The talk will cover the planning, the apps to use and his workflow.
29 Oct Creative Landscape Photography Slawek Staszczuk
Slawek will be showing a diverse selection of his work, taken both locally and overseas, with an extensive commentary regarding the techniques and tools used, creative choices, planning, any obstacles that he had to overcome, anecdotes etc.
5 Nov SCPF PDI League Competition Sandy Watson
Bracknell is in Division 2 of the SCPF PDI League and will compete against seven other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell).
12 Nov Projected Digital Images Competition Damon Guy
Round 2 of the PDI league
19 Nov In no great hurry: Seeing the street Ash Smith
A brief exploration into the world of street photography; what it is, the history of the genre and chasing light as a way of creating impactful images. The talk will cover how to visualise a scene, tips and tricks for operating on the street and give an insight into Ash’s approach. Click here for a preview.
26 Nov Light Underwater Simon Rogerson 
Simon’s talk will be on the challenges and rewards of underwater photography. His presentation will take the form of a photographic journey through the world’s oceans, looking at the different marine environments and their potential for photography.

At the same time, Simon will consider the evolution of underwater photography from its earliest exponents to the digital revolution.
3 Dec Clive Harrison Trophy Evening Monica Weller FRPS
This is an annual competition for a thematic panel of between three and eight prints. The images should all share a common theme, tell a story or complement each other in some way when viewed together.

Entrants are encouraged to provide a written statement to explain the purpose of the panel or what the images are about.

10 Dec Print Competition Peter Orr ARPS
Round 2 of the Print league
17 Dec Christmas Party and Bring & Buy Sale
Enjoy a chance for an informal evening with other members over a drink and a bite to eat along with a book sale. Please bring any items of a photographic nature for the sale this evening. Then spend your hard-earned money on the much-prized photographic contributions of other members.

Please bring wads of cash and a glass!

24 Dec No meeting – Merry Christmas to all
31 Dec No meeting – Happy New Year to all
7 Jan Projected Digital Images Competition Keith Newton LRPS
Round 3 of the PDI league
14 Jan A Photographers Perspective: My Life Through a Lens.  Viveca Koh FRPS
Viveca will discuss the various photographic techniques that she has been experimenting with, continuing to develop her work and the way that she sees things.
21 Jan SCPF Print League Competition Walter Benzie Hon FRPS
Bracknell is in Division 2 and will compete against several other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell).
28 Jan Looking at Nature Maurice Pugh
Maurice has a passion for nature and he combines this with photography to make both enjoyable hobbies.
4 Feb Print Competition Kevin Day
Round 3 of the Print league
11 Feb Portrait Lighting is EASY! Trust Me Glyn Dewis
“There was a time when I honestly thought that lighting was some kind of dark art; something I’d never be able to grasp, something that was for those advanced photographer types. During this evening I don’t want to just tell you, I want to show you that portrait lighting is EASY!”
18 Feb How to take bad pictures Darren Pullman AFIAP
Synopsis: “An evening of some really awful pictures. See how it’s done, including the less obvious ways, and how to cope with the disappointment of returning home with a memory card full of inferior images.”
25 Feb Projected Digital Images Competition Paul Graber LRPS
Round 3 of the PDI league
4 Mar Nine Clubs Competition Allan Thompson
The annual hosting of this prestigious competition which Bracknell has run for many years. This is your chance to see the very best images from Bracknell and eight other local clubs.
11 Mar Coast17 Ken Scott ARPS, MBPsS
In February 2017, Ken set out on a highly-ambitious plan to walk solo around the coast of Britain.

Ken will cover not only a visual record of our country’s coastline; he will tell the story of a challenging physical and emotional journey, full of anecdotes and reminiscences. The talk will feature Ken’s unique style of presentation and photography – mixing landscapes and light, people, abstract art and everyday observations.

Ken has nearly forty years’ experience as a photographer. He is a professional speaker and photography coach as well as a lifetime adventurer whose photography journey began in the mountains.
18 Mar Print Competition Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS AFIAP BPE5
Round 4 of the Print league
25 Mar Portfolio and AV Event Members Participation and Internal Judging
The Portfolio Competition is a member’s competition judged by members. Tonight, sit back and enjoy the comments and images. After the break members’ AV sequences will be shown.
1 Apr Fuzzy Landscapes and Gritty Nudes Glyn Edmunds APSA EPSA EFIAP/s ABIPP
Glyn’s print talk has appeared under the same name since the late 1990’s, albeit the content has changed quite a bit. It is a rather like his life story in photography, going back over 30 years.

A real mixture of genres, including most everything apart from sport.
8 Apr Lenses… Stewart Robertson
Why are there so many different types of lenses? And why do some of them cost so flipping much? This talk is a romp through the history of optical technology, illustrating how things have become more and more sophisticated and consequently more and more expensive. Stewart will bring along a load of exotic and unusual lenses for people to handle and play with.
15 Apr Print and Projected Digital Image Competitions – Set Subjects Steve Lawrenson ARPS APAGB
Round 5 of the PDI and Print leagues – Set Subjects
Print set subject: ‘In an English country garden’ – one entry only
PDI set subject: ‘Toy box and fairy tales’
22 Apr Easter Monday – no meeting
29 Apr Members Evening: Photobook Competition Judge – Brian Steptoe FRPS
This members’ evening is aimed at those who have produced Photobooks. An award will be given by Brian Steptoe to the best book. Books must be submitted one week before the event.

(Please note this is the last day for Entries to this year’s Annual Exhibition)

6 May Bank Holiday – no meeting
13 May Aviation & Defence Photography Zaid Meherali  
An individual perspective into a high tempo, high risk, high reward, field of photography.  It covers tips on composition, technical setup, and post production in an enthusiastic, personal, informative, and occasionally humorous way. It contains a few AV’s, and plenty of images, tips and context.
20 May Finals Evening – The Best of the Best Jim Nemer
We welcome back all the images we have seen throughout the monthly Print and PDI competitions that have scored a perfect 10. All images now compete against one another for the Print and PDI of the Year awards.
27 May Bank Holiday – no meeting
3 Jun Annual General Meeting and Margaret Woods Trophy Members judging
A chance for members to attend and hear the reports from committee members on how the club has been run during the season and what can be expected from the season ahead. Then vote for your favourite nature image.
10 Jun Annual Exhibition Judge’s Evening and Presentation of this Season’s Trophies Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB HonPAGB
The finale to the season
2 Sep Start of Next Season