Our Webinar Programme from May 2020

Next Season From September 2020 . . . 

We plan to start our 2020-21 season on Monday 7th September 2020 at either the OLC or using Zoom for online meetings. Our Programme is now under review and we will keep the draft programme updated as we make updates.


Our Online Meetings from May 2020

The login details for each of our online meetings below will be sent out  in the Club’s emailed Parish Notes that are sent to every member.



Monday May 18th 7.30 PM:

‘Long walk to F . . . ‘ –   hosted by Daan Olivier FRPS EFIAP

Daan was awarded the elusive FRPS (Conceptual and Contemporary Genre) in 2018 for his panel entitled “Dreams and Nightmares on Robben Island”, 21 images which portray the mental suffering of the RI prisoner.

This was the culmination of being engaged in art and photography for five decades.  In this talk Daan not only shares his body of work, in many genres, with us but also let us into some of the secrets of how he has done it, the trials and errors of how he went about achieving various awards and distinctions.


Monday May 25th 7.30 PM:

‘Shine a light!’ –   hosted by Brian Worley

If photography is all about painting with light, why do so many photographers limit themselves to the light they find when they make pictures. If you want to make great photos you need great light and sometimes it’s better to make that yourself. In this presentation Brian will share a range of his work with lights of various sorts, covering product and people photography using lights from small flash to studio and LED lights.


Monday June 1st 7.30 PM:

Critique Session hosted by Daan Olivier and Jeff Lawrence

For details on submission of entries see the Club’s Parish Notes dated 19th May.


Monday June 8th 7.30 PM:

‘Mongolia – From Steppe to Eagle Hunters’ hosted by Julian Elliott

Copyright - Julian Elliotyt - used with permission
Mongolia – From Steppe to Eagle Hunters

Julian has been a professional landscape and travel photographer for 10 years. Having started writing for a number of British UK photography magazines he started selling his work through the World renowned Getty Images. To date his work has sold in over 40 countries and he has travelled in over 30 countries capturing the world around him.

Talk description: Mongolia – From Steppe to Eagle Hunters. Journey from Mongolia’s capital to the Altai in the country’s far west. See how Julian’s journey in this vast country unfolded and hear how he captured the vast landscapes and the people that inhabit them. Watch how Julian switches between from being a landscape photographer to travel to sports when the talk finishes with a look at the Eagle Festival.


Monday June 15th 7.30 PM:

Margaret Woods Trophy

Our annual nature image PDI competition.

For details on submission of entries see the Club’s Parish Notes dated 19th May.


Monday June 22nd 7.30 PM:

‘From camera to print’ –  hosted by Tim Jones of Fotospeed

• Brief talk on colour management what is a profile etc
• How big can I print?
• How to add borders quickly using the frame tool
• Sharpening- High pass filter
• Soft proofing
• Hard proofing
• Rendering Intent


Monday June 29th 7.30 PM:

First part of the evening – Annual General Meeting

Agenda details to follow.

Second part of the evening – Photographic journey of my cars – hosted by Brian Poulton


Monday July 6th 7.30 PM:

‘The Photographic Sublime’ –  hosted by Thomas Peck

Tom will talk about how artistic traditions of the Sublime influence photography of the past, present and future…

Image copyright Thomas Peck

Tom (B&W Photography, OnLandscape.co.uk)  is a photojournalist and will show how the traditions of the Sublime influenced early landscape photographers through to the modern day. With examples from painters like Turner & Caspar David Friedrich & photos from Carleton E Watkins to M Kenna to S Salgado to A Adams to H Sugimoto, plus the author’s own pictures. A fascinating insight into a cultural trend which is sure to provoke some debate, especially when we look into the future at how photography and the Sublime might interact in the 21st century…

Monday July 13th 7.30 PM:

The Chris Bradley Cup hosted by Graham Peacock

Graham will host and present the collated results of our Portfolio competition (now the Chris Bradley Cup.)This competition has two distinct parts: submitting a humorous image and then ‘marking’ and commenting on everyone else’s images.

TBA – after the break we will have another presentation from a member.

Monday July 20th 7.30 PM:

‘Swan Song’ hosted by Anne Sutcliffe FRPS

Anne’s images come from a variety of recent trips and for this talk include landscapes, seascapes, some interiors of unusual buildings, and of course animals. There is one older image which is of a child that caused controversy in its day and she now has definitive answers about what it showed!

Mostly Anne will talk about the pictures themselves, why she took them, what they mean to her and about any post processing. She will include relevant information and tips about the various locations.

In her talks, Anne always tries to entertain but this will be even more evident  for this particular talk, which has been designed to be given virtually via Zoom.


Monday July 27th 7.30 PM:

‘Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer’ by Simon Roy


copyright Simon Roy
Singing the blues

Simon will show us the images and stories from some of his best wildlife encounters and give a more detailed look at how he accomplished some of the shots.

See more of Simon’s images here.