Programme 2019-20

Meetings normally start at 7.30 for 8 pm and are on Mondays unless indicated otherwise.

6 SCPF Print League Competition Jay CHARNOCK FRPS
Bracknell is in Division 2 and will compete against several other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell). Prints
13 Background to my Photography Philip Stevens
If a fast jet or helicopter is to be photographed to the best affect it should be shot in its natural environment; air to air or at low level from a hillside. It’s the background to the image that often makes the image more than the subject itself. Philip will give the background to his photo-projects (magazines or his book) and the images he has taken.
17 Submit entries for the Portfolio Competition Members
The Portfolio competition has two distinct parts: submitting a humorous image and then ‘marking’ and commenting on everyone else’s images.

Midnight tonight is the deadline for the submission of images.

Read more about the Portfolio Competition here.

20 PDI Competition Round 3 Ian Brash
All categories PDI
27 Inspire – Capture – Print Neil Cave
The talk is about Neil’s life in the Photographic industry and how TimeLine Events was born.
The second half is about his own photography and then a discussion about achieving images and printing.
3 Print Competition Round 3 Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS
All Categories Prints
10 Classic Wild Landscapes David Boag
A beautiful landscape image is not an easy photograph to achieve.
A good sub-title for this lecture could be that there is more to a landscape than meets the eye!  In this lecture we will look at a variety of landscapes or habitat pictures. PDI
17 City Shapes – From an idea to an Exhibition Ted Kinsey
Ted will talk about how he scoured the women’s clothing sections of eBay . . . and walked the streets of London to create a multi-image exhibition using monochrome darkroom prints.
PDI & Print
24 PDI Competition Round 4 David Harford LRPS
All categories PDI
2 Nine Clubs Competition Glyn Edmunds APSA EPSA EFIAP/g ABIPP APAGB ARPS
The annual hosting of this prestigious competition which Bracknell has run for many years. This is your chance to see the very best images from Bracknell and eight other local clubs. PDI
The talk is subtitled “Be creative” and will show the creative side of his Photography. This is a light hearted, fast flowing, non-technical talk and Colin will pass on some of his digital “secrets”. He hopes to share his enthusiasm for photography with everyone there.
Colin will need a laptop and a sound system, and we will need to check his slides display correctly in Win10
16 How to capture M O R E with your camera David Hogg
This talk will explore the technique of image stitching, the range of possibilities that image stitching opens up, how to do it yourself, and shows the current state-of-the-art in cameras which feature automatic stitching.
23 A journey around Spitzbergen John Nathan ARPS
John visited Svalbard in 2008, doing a circumnavigation of the main island, Spitzbergen. There is a lot of wildlife, from seabirds, arctic foxes and reindeer, up to walrus and polar bears. He was on the first ship to do a circumnavigation in 2008 and went right up to the pack ice. PDI and Prints
30 Print Competition Round 4 Gordon Roots ARPS
All Categories Prints
6 Portfolio Competition and Members’ Evening Members Participation and Internal Judging
The Portfolio Competition is a competition judged by members. Sit back and enjoy the comments and images.

Read more about the Portfolio Competition here.

After the break two presentations from members:

“My long walk to F ….” – Daan Olivier

“My motoring Life” – Brian Poulton

Graham Peacock

Daan Olivier FRPS AFIAP

Brian Poulton

PDI and Print

13 Easter Monday – No Meeting
20 Yellowstone in Black, White & Infrared Simon Weir
This cold weather adventure tells the story of Yellowstone National Park in the dead of winter. It combines a touch of history and geology of Yellowstone, with Infrared landscape and B&W wildlife images.
27 Round 5 is the theme round of Projected Digital Image Competition and the Print Competitions (one entry only). David Smith LRPS CPAGB
For PDI this will be any image with intentional camera movement.

For print this will be a triptych of visually connected images. All prints must be presented on a single mount with the same mount specifications as for the other print rounds. The three images may be printed on three sheets or combined and printed on one. The mount may have one cut-out or three.

See this blog for more details of the two set subjects.

Note: the titles of the images will be read out for both competitions as an aid to our judge.

PDI and Print
4 Bank Holiday – no meeting
11 My Photography Margaret  Salisbury FRPS, MFIAP, FIPF, FSITTP, FSINWP, AWPF, APAGB
Margaret will present us with the best of her images and insights into her methods. Her talk will include images of a wide range of subjects and styles, starting with her first image, her love of Welsh Slate landscapes from darkroom to digital, mono to colour capturing the amazing places events and people, their way of life, culture and ceremonies.
This talk is sponsored by FotoSpeed
PDI and Print
18 Finals evening – the Best of the Best Tony Oliver ARPS BPE3* CPAGB
The judge will select the best of all the 10s in both PDI and Print competitions. Awarding 1-2-3 and commendations in both. Then will choose the best image from both competitions. PDI and Print
25 Bank Holiday – no meeting
1 Annual General Meeting and the Margaret Woods Trophy Internal judging
A chance for members to attend and hear the reports from committee members on how the club has been run during the season and what can be expected from the season ahead.
Then vote for your favourite nature image in the Margaret Woods Trophy.
8 Annual Exhibition Judge’s Evening Peter Prosser APAGB
and the presentation of the season’s trophies Prints and PDI
7 Next season starts