Bracknell Camera Club Programme 2022-2023

All meetings are in the OLC except evenings marked “Available on ZOOM Only” – We will not be using the OLC for these evenings

Note Some evenings are marked “Speaker/Judge  will  ZOOM into OLC only” – these ZOOM sessions will only be available to attendees at the OLC

All other evenings will be at the OLC  except for:

NOTE : Some Talk titles/synopsis missing until final version available in July 2022

Last updated 15th June 2022

Date Lecture Speaker/Judge



5 *Members Evening*

Introduction from Chairman

Welcome presentations

Assorted short presentations from members

12 Talk on Lensbaby lenses – title to be confirmed


Tables required

Robert Pugh
19 ‘Done is better than perfect’


‘This one is all about the art of the portrait. We’ll discuss what makes a good portrait and breaking the rules. We all strive for perfection, but does this come at the cost of creativity? ‘




Victoria Baptiste

26 Print round 1


All categories


Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV

‘An Image Seen – Landscape photography thoughts and techniques’


This is a comprehensive talk that initially discusses some of the preparation and planning you can do prior to going out on location to help you get the best results.

Sarah will talk about the importance of light in image making, and then in the second half talk in depth about composition. She will touch on introducing movement into your images and also the impact that filters can have.’


Speaker will  ZOOM into OLC only


Sarah Howard



10 ‘Sneaking about in the dead of night’







John Gooday

17 PDI round 1


All categories


Steve Kingswell ARPS
24 Yellowstone in Black, White & Infrared


‘This cold weather adventure tells the story of Yellowstone National Park in the dead of winter.  It combines a touch of history and geology of Yellowstone, with Infrared landscape and B&W wildlife images ‘


PDI – will bring own projector, laptop etc


Simon Weir



Exploring the Italian Dolomites and Iceland with James Rushforth – an unexpected career in photography and guidebook writing


In this talk James describes his unexpected and fortuitous journey into outdoor and adventure photography and writing; from first picking up a camera in 2012 to his success at the British and International Photography awards just a decade later. James’ transient lifestyle, moving between the pale mountains of the Italian Dolomites to the wilds of Iceland, has led to the creation of three photo-location guidebooks, showcasing his images and providing cultural and local information for visitors to his adopted regions. The presentation follows his natural progression from adventure to landscape photography, focusing on the logistics and creative nuances of both.



Speaker will  ZOOM into OLC only



James Rushforth


7 The Autumn Digital Image Competition – images with a theme of “Hands”


Certificates will be awarded for 1st place (Gold), 2nd place (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze), two Highly Commended and two Commended



Peter Crane ARPS


14 Small is Beautiful


Macro photography opens up a fascinating world of wildlife, including many subjects close to home. This talk demonstrates techniques for making striking images of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects, orchids and fungi including composition, depth of field and controlling light, as well as how to find and identify the subject.


PDI and tables required





21 SCPF Print League


Bracknell is in Division 2 of the SCPF Print League and will compete against seven other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell).


Chris Hutchinson








Caroline Colegate


5 Members Evening  


12 PDI round 2


All categories


Judge  will  ZOOM into OLC only



Amanda Miller


19 ‘Images with Impact’




Available on ZOOM Only

David Clapp
26 No Meeting – Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!




2 No Meeting


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

9 SCPF PDI League Competition


Bracknell is in Division 1 and will compete against several other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell).


Available on ZOOM Only



Paul Bradley



‘Working with Textures’


Answering all the what and how questions, I go through sourcing and creating textures , how to use blend modes and then 3 different methods of how to apply textures to an image.


After a short mid way break, I invite the club to submit random images for a live edit where I will take between 3-5 images and apply textures from my own stock to create final pieces., narrating every click on route. I believe that seeing the process happen ‘for real’ is very valuable for viewers.


A talk that always goes down well as a hands-on ‘how-to’, I travel slowly and clearly through the technical aspects, happily repeating steps if requested.


LEVEL: Photoshop beginner to intermediate



Available on ZOOM Only


Janey Lazenby BA(hons) Fine Art, QTFE(2), ASEA, LRPS, CPAGB, BPE3, EFIAP, LMPA


23 The Winter Digital Image Competition images with a theme of “Mono graveyard”


Certificates will be awarded for 1st place (Gold), 2nd place (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze), two Highly Commended and two Commended.


Contact any Committee Member or SIG leaders for contact details of a club member who has volunteered to help or advise about conversions to Mono

Available on ZOOM Only


Colin Harrison





“Smartphone photography”


Jeanette’s talk is a mix of how she got started down the ’smartphone’ camera route, her inspiration and lots of tips and tricks to get the best out of your smartphone camera as well as a large selection of images to show.


Speaker  will  ZOOM into OLC only


Jeanette (Jet) Landon

6 Print round 2


All categories

Jay Charnock



“An Eye on the Hebrides”


This talk is a photographic tour through the Hebrides. An evening of wonderful images, some history and a few humorous stories, all accompanied with AV sequences and captivating music.


Ruari Cumming ARPS
20 Bracknell Nines Competition


The annual hosting of this prestigious competition which Bracknell has run for many years. This is your chance to see the very best images from Bracknell and eight other local clubs.

Available on ZOOM Only


Tony Oliver


27 ‘Night and low light photography’





Tony Worobiec FRPS
6 PDI Round 3


All categories


Graeme Sleeman

13 Member’s evening


20 Street Photography My Way

‘Peter’s talk is a PDI talk where he will take you into his world of street photography, covering various techniques, tips and the equipment he uses – seeing and catching moments in time which hopefully club members can relate to.’




Peter Crane ARPS


27 Print Round 3

All categories

Peter Walmsley


3 Members evening

The Chris Bradley Cup – when members contribute humourous images that are then marked and given new titles by other members.

Followed by presentations from members.




10 No Meeting

Easter Monday

17 A Photographer’s journey




Robert Pugh


24 Print and PDI rounds 4  

John Randall



1 No Meeting

Early May Bank Holiday

8 Clive Harrison Trophy


This is an annual competition for a thematic panel of between three and eight prints. The images should all share a common theme, tell a story or complement each other in some way when viewed together.

Entrants are encouraged to provide a written statement to explain the purpose of the panel or what the images are about.



Roger Smith ABIPP

15 ‘The Greater Picture’


During this presentation Tom gives a broad overview of his life as a fine art wildlife photographer. He will demonstrate the various camera settings used to create his preferred style whilst speaking about the components that he feels are essential in creating evocative wildlife imagery.’


PDI and tables


Tom Way






22 Best of the Best


The judge will select the best of all the 10s in both PDI and Print competitions.


Awarding 1-2-3 and commendations in both.


Then will choose the best image from both competitions.

PDI & Print



29 No Meeting

Spring Bank Holiday

5 Results of the Exhibition judging

and the presentation of the season’s trophies

PDI & Print


 T B C
12 AGM + Margaret Woods Trophy


A chance for members to attend and hear the reports from committee members on how the club has been run during the season and what can be expected from the season ahead.

Then vote for your favourite nature image in the Margaret Woods Trophy.

4 2023-2024  season starts