Bracknell Camera Club Programme 2020-2021

Our 2020-2021 Programme will be run using Zoom until at least end December 2020. The joining details for members will be published in our weekly Parish Notes.

All the Club’s  Zoom Sessions will open at 7.15 PM and will start promptly at 7.30 PM.

The Programme will be kept under review as the season progresses to take into account any changes in COVID-19 advice and the availability of lecturers or judges.

The Club’s Programme is available as an A5 booklet- click to download here.

The Internal PDI Competition has 5 competition evenings with the last round on January 11th 2021. The Clive Harrison Trophy has been moved to April 26th 2021. The Internal Print Competition has been suspended in the first part of the season.

If you are not a member, look for this button to book a place on one of our Zoom talks (places are limited). The cost will vary on the talk and would be a discount on our subscription fee should you decide to become a member of the Club.


This latest update was on 23rd November 2020.


Date Lecture Speaker/Judge
7 *Members Evening*

Introduction from Chairman, Alan Edwards

“Nowhere to go …” a short AV from Daan Olivier about how the permanent residents on the English canals experienced lockdown

External competitions – Paul Hendley

“Infrared journey” – a short AV from Alistair Balharrie on his infrared journey so far.

Internal Competitions – Peter Terry

14 “Adventures of a Duchess”

“Join Flo for an evening of adventure as she talks about her obsession with abandoned buildings and she shares her photography from her escapades around the world.

Plus hear about her obsession with Seaforts and how she came to spend her birthday being winched up onto a 7-storey WW2 gun tower in an evening dress and tiara!”



Margaret McEwan (Flo)


PDI (and laptop needed)

21 “Still Life, Allegory, Vanitas and Momento Mori”

A history of and the difference between still life and its variants in art and photography.


Rojer Weightman




28 PDI round 1

All categories



5 Building blocks to success

A look into what it takes to create successful wildlife images. Educating and inspiring the audience with tales from the field, tips, tricks and lessons learned from mistakes made along the way.


Back Garden Safari

Wildlife photography isn’t all about telephoto lenses and flying halfway around the world. Follow this story of how an iPhone photo of a fox was the catalyst for a project that resulted in one of this most successful images to date, all the while gaining an understanding of how a little time and persistence can result in wonderful wildlife imagery, without the need to leave your home. 


Richard Peters



12 PDI Round 2


All categories




19 “Why do we still shoot monochrome?”


Paul will talk about ‘Why monochrome now?’ ‘What works in monochrome?’ and ‘How to produce good monochrome’.



Paul Graber


PDI (and laptop needed)


26 “What makes a great image”

This evening Caroline will take a critical look at some of the best images that the Club has produced recently. Many are images that the Club considers to be good enough for external competitions against other SCPF clubs. Most of these images will have scored 9.5 or 10 in our internal club competitions.


The idea is to help us all understand what National judges look for in an image in inter-club competitions and to highlight areas where our top images may be lacking. To further help our understanding, Caroline has selected images of a similar genre from other clubs so that we can compare and contrast them with our images.


As outlined last season, the Club is striving to improve the photography of every member and thus make us all more satisfied with the images that we produce. It is also another step towards helping the Club compete more successfully in external competitions.



Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB


2 “Shooting Sculptures”

Taking images of other people’s art is a fascinating and rewarding aspect of photography with its own technical challenges and opportunities for artistic expression.


Jeff will inform, enlighten and encourage us to approach this source of images with our own interpretation.


Jeff Lawrence LRPS CPAGB


PDI & Print

9 PDI round 3


All categories





16 “Photographers and their images”

“A look at some of the images which have become well known over the 170 years since photography was invented, ending with a look at how this history influences club photography today.”


Rod Bird





23 SCPF PDI League


Bracknell is in Division 2 of the SCPF PDI League and will compete against seven other SCPF clubs (hosted by Bracknell).

30 “Ramblings of a so-called street photographer”


“David describes what/who had  influenced him and the story behind the images.  The majority of the images are of complete strangers that he approached during his wanderings.


During the talk he also will describe some his amazing experiences on the streets.


Most of his photography takes place in the Shoreditch/Spitalfields area and in the talk, he describes the benefit of re-visiting a particular location in order to get under the skin of a place. “ 


David Cantor


7 PDI Round 4


All categories

The next to last round



Eddie LORD


14 “Why DSLR”

“Mark will give us a fascinating insight into the real world battle between DSLR & Mirrorless Technology. If you are thinking of “making the switch” this is a great way to find out more with lots of hints & tips!

And as a special extra for us, Mark has invited a guest speaker to join him in the presentation to talk about their experiences using mirrorless cameras.”

Mark Baber

and guest



21 “My Journey in Street Photography”

In this talk Joe takes a walk through his personal journey discovering Street Photography, discussing craft, kit and influences, and the creation of his book “Streets of Dublin”.


Joe Houghton
28 No Meeting

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!




Welcome to 2021!


4 “Themes and journeys”


“A journey through landscapes and urban spaces including lowlight images”


Stephen Dean LRPS APAGB


Welcome to 2021 !

These evenings are currently planned to be using Zoom

But please always check with the latest Parish Notes


Date Lecture Speaker/Judge
4 “Themes and journeys”


“A journey through landscapes and urban spaces including lowlight images”


Stephen Dean LRPS APAGB


11 PDI Round 5


For this final round we ask for the submission of a triptych of visually connected images.

Your title will be read out to the judge.





18 Print  Round 1


All categories






Extra guest speaker courtesy of the Club’s Monoists SIG


“Photography has been my salvation and solace from the noise of the world. This presentation looks at why we photograph things and the reasons we are drawn to notice certain subjects above others. I prefer to work simply and silently, photography is a time of reflection, almost meditation and personal space. The subjects I choose to photograph are those that call out to me, they are not always traditional and don’t always follow the rules, I am guided by my connection and emotion response to each subject, choosing to accept what is offered rather than wish or strive for perfection, which in my opinion does not exist.

This presentation starts with a look at my previous role as a news photographer and as Picture Editor of The Times, I give insight to the benefits of photography to mental health, personal development and the challenges of choosing your own path rather than the accepted norm.

I feature over 100 images from my collection, hopefully you will enjoy the evening.”



Paul Sanders

25 “Using photography as a means of communication”

“Getting emotion, feeling and atmosphere across in a photograph isn’t always an easy thing to do, but we need to take care to equip the viewer with all the clues required to ensure our message strikes home.

This talk deals with how we take control of what we present, and how we can use colour, exposure and composition to communicate more effectively. “

NOTE £5 to book a place for guests to the Club

Damien Demolder




1 “Darkroom to digital”

“Alun will trace the development of news photographs from the earliest times up to the present day’s requirement for instant news.

Alun was the launch Picture Editor of The Independent.”


Alun John



8 Print round 2

All categories


Kevin DAY


15 “Abstract, Pattern and Art in your Eyes”


“What is an abstract? What do you look for when making one?


Photographers often find abstracts difficult to understand. In response, judges often see a fuzzy concept.


Learn about abstract art and the feeling that goes into the shots. Damon’s talk uses a wide range of abstract images.”

Damon Guy




22 “Talking pictures”


“Often the most effective pictures are those that communicate with the viewer, maybe emotionally, and/or aesthetically.  During the core of this lecture I will talk about the actual taking and subsequent production of my pictures, emphasising field and camera craft, composition and location work.”




PDI & Print

1 Print round 3


All categories

Dr Edward Hyde ARPS


8 Nine Clubs Competition


The annual hosting of this prestigious competition which Bracknell has run for many years. This is your chance to see the very best images from Bracknell and eight other local clubs.



15 “The Great Silk Road Today”


“Starting in Xian in China we head for Istanbul following the route of the Silk Road, stopping in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan including the city of Merv, once one of the worlds’ biggest cities until it was destroyed by Genghis Khan”


David Smith LRPS CPAGB



22 Members evening

The Chris Bradley Cup – when members contribute humourous images that are then marked and given new titles by other members.

Followed by presentations from members


29 Print  round 4

Final Round


All categories



5 Easter Monday – no meeting  







Date Lecture Speaker/Judge
5 Easter Monday – no meeting  


12 “Whiskers & Wings”

“This talk combines Sue’s passions for photographing wildlife with a fairly recent foray into aviation photography.

Seems that the two subjects could not be more different, but strangely the appeal and also the technique seem to have lots in common.”

Sue Morris

PDI & Print

(Laptop required)

19 T B A  











26 Clive Harrison Trophy


This is an annual competition for a thematic panel of between three and eight prints. The images should all share a common theme, tell a story or complement each other in some way when viewed together.

Entrants are encouraged to provide a written statement to explain the purpose of the panel or what the images are about.



3 Bank Holiday


No Meeting


Enjoy the break!

10 “Introduction to press photography”


“Cliff will run an interactive session that aims to prepare the audience for when they encounter a newsworthy event.

This will cover what picture editors want, equipment and workflow, legal and ethical considerations and concludes with the stories behind a number of real-life published images and how much they sold for.”


Cliff Hide



17 Best of the Best


The judge will select the best of all the 10s in both PDI and Print competitions.


Awarding 1-2-3 and commendations in both.


Then will choose the best image from both competitions.



24 “Outdoor photography”

“Matthew’s talk will cover all aspects of outdoor photography, from panoramic vistas down to the details and behaviour of the wildlife on our doorstep. “

Matthew Cattell


31 Bank Holiday – no meeting
7 AGM + Margaret Woods Trophy


A chance for members to attend and hear the reports from committee members on how the club has been run during the season and what can be expected from the season ahead.

Then vote for your favourite nature image in the Margaret Woods Trophy.

14 Results of the Exhibition judging


and the presentation of the season’s trophies



6 Next season starts