The Set Subject Rounds for the 2020-2021 Season

For the 2020-2021 Season Round 5 will be the set subject round of both the PDI and the print league competitions. This will be on Monday April 26th 2021.

Round 5 Print – A Triptych

Your triptych may be one image split into three OR it could be three images with a common theme.

Definition from Wikipedia:
“A photographic triptych is a common style used in modern commercial artwork. The photographs are usually arranged with a plain border between them. The work may consist of separate images that are variants on a theme, or may be one larger image split into three.”

The triptych could be on one print in the mount; or three separate prints but still in the one mount.

To help the judge your title will be read out.

Round 5 PDI – Leading Lines

For this round of the PDI competition your title will not be read out for the judge – but please do enter your title in the Uploader.

Ian Hardacre

Ian Hardacre

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