Competition Uploader

Reminders to Club Members before they email images for internal competitions.

  1. Please refer to the latest Parish Notes for instructions on how to load images for the Club’s internal competitions
  2. If you do not want your image to be used for external competition use or be displayed on this website then please put this as a note in your email.
  3. All submitted images will be retained on our secure Google Drive (except if you declined in 2, above)
  4. All images will displayed on the website along with the judge’s scores after the competition evening (except if you declined in 2, above)
  5. Images that score 10 may also be included in montages or as an individual images on the Club’s social media streams. (except if you declined in 2, above. Note,┬áthat if displayed then these images will have a much reduced pixel count.)
  6. The Club will not delete any meta-data contained in your submitted images – it is up to the member to ensure that the meta-data contains only the information that the member would want to be available.