Competition Rules and image loading instructions

Spring Digital Competitions

The Print League has been replaced by four individual digital image competitions commencing on 18th January 2021. These will be open competitions with up to two entries allowed. Certificates will be awarded for 1st place (Gold), 2nd place (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze), two Highly Commended and two Commended. The 1st place image and the 2nd place image will be entered into the Best of the Best competition.

As an experiment we have decided to run these as individual competitions rather than some kind of league because we want to encourage more progressive rather than ‘safe’ images. Note that with the scoring system there will be no low scores such as 6’s, if the judge doesn’t like an image then they will simply move on to the next one. We’ve included a couple of novelties too.

  1. January – Open competition.
  2. February – You are encouraged to write a sentence or two explaining why you created the image and how you would like the viewer to feel about it. The judge will consider how well your goal has been achieved.
  3. March – Open competition.
  4. Smartphone – This round will be restricted to photographs taken with a smartphone or tablet but may be processed using your normal software.
  5. April – Themed competition – Reflections in Water. NEW Competition, replacing the Clive Harrison themed panel print competition.

Comments only images are encouraged, including in the smartphone competition.

The specific rules for the  Spring Digital Image Competitions 2021 (V3 dated 12th January 2021) can be found here.

The dates for the remaining competitions and deadlines for submissions are as follows:

  • Smartphone – Monday March 29th 2021- deadline midnight on Friday 19th March 2021
  • April – Monday 26th April 2021 – deadline midnight on Friday 7th April 2021

How to send your images to the Spring Competitions

Please send your images using this link or email to:

Where possible, please make sure that the images are attached to and not embedded in the email. It is unnecessary to ‘zip’ the files. Image files, in sRGB colour space, should be named as follows Image Title_Author Awards.jpg

For example:        My Picture_John Smith LRPS, CPAGB.jpg

To save everyone’s time please check your entry carefully, especially the spelling!

Certain punctuation and special characters are not permitted within image titles as these have a detrimental effect on the competition software. These include but are not limited to: _ (underscore), < (less than), > (greater than), : (colon), ” (double quote), / (forward slash), \ (backslash), | (vertical bar or pipe), ? (question mark), * (asterisk)

The latest version of the Club internal competition rules  can be found here (dated 17th November 2020)

The Club Exhibition 2021

This year there will be no Annual Exhibition in Bracknell Town Centre. Also we will not be working with prints so the competition will be digital only, judged by Chris Palmer.

Here are the rules for the Exhibition (V2 dated 30th March 2021) and from them the key points are:

1)  Members are allowed to enter up to 10 digital entries

2) There are no classes – just enter your images.

3) The judge decides the awards.

In addition to the best overall there are awards for the best:
o Landscape
o Portrait
o Nature/Natural History
o Monochrome
o Macro and Close-up
o Creative
o Record/Documentary/Architecture
o Travel
o Street
o Action – NEW
o Most Original Image

3) The awards are for first, second, third and commended, as the judge thinks fit.

We will make a slideshow to circulate the entries among members and publicise outside the Club.

The deadline for uploading images is midnight on Sunday 16th May 2021

How to send your images for the Exhibition

Please use the Club’s image Uploader that can be reached here.


1) Please use your email address provided to the Club when logging in, and

2) You may have to request a password reset