Advanced booking for “Still” by Paul Sanders on Wednesday January 20th 2021

The Club always welcomes visitors to come and enjoy our wide variety of speakers and despite the COVID-19 pandemic we would like to continue that tradition. Thanks to the Monoists Special Interest Group we have an extra speaker event in January 2021.

Click the button below to book a place on this Zoom talk for only £7 (note that places are limited).

Paul Sanders’ talk is titled “Still”

Photography has been my salvation and solace from the noise of the world. This presentation looks at why we photograph things and the reasons we are drawn to notice certain subjects above others. I prefer to work simply and silently, photography is a time of reflection, almost meditation and personal space. The subjects I choose to photograph are those that call out to me, they are not always traditional and don’t always follow the rules, I am guided by my connection and emotion response to each subject, choosing to accept what is offered rather than wish or strive for perfection, which in my opinion does not exist.

This presentation starts with a look at my previous role as a news photographer and as Picture Editor of The Times, I give insight to the benefits of photography to mental health, personal development and the challenges of choosing your own path rather than the accepted norm.

I feature over 100 images from my collection, hopefully you will enjoy the evening.


Ian Hardacre

Ian Hardacre

My passions are seeing the world through new eyes See my website for my travel and my photographic journey blogs ( #Stopkillingwhales

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